Dress Down for Friday’s Christmas Party. BYOB. Here’s What Goodies Santa Has in Store.

I love you guys. You are amazing. Thanks to you reading, listening, guffawing and commenting on my raving lunacy, Beyond Black & White gets 13,000+ monthly visits with 6,000+ unique visitors in just six short months!


This kind of loyalty reminds me of that verse from The Good Book that says something like, “Blessed are the people who eff-off all day reading BB&W for they shall inherit cool stuff AT LEAST once a year.” Forget what chapter and verse that was from…meh; maybe I just imagined it.

So….because the blog is SO popular, and through my VAST network of public relations contacts, I have for you SOME of the prizes you’ll win during BB&W’s Twelve Hours of Christmas, in which I will ask you ridiculous trivia questions once an hour (9AM-9PM PST) and whoever correctly answers the question in the Comments FIRST gets the gift. IN FACT, I have so much stuff to give away that I’m able to give second prizes to the bandwidth-challenged, so don’t say I don’t have compassion for people with disabilities, umkay?

Here’s a sneak peak at the stuff, not in any particular order:

Courtesy of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE chocolate and espresso protein powder, CLICK, I have the following FANTABULOUS gift:

Yes, that IS a pink beach crusier, WITH and basket stuffed with CLICK.

And thanks to the folks at Speakal.com, you can have your pig and groove with it too. (Make sure you go to the site. Winner gets to choose which style and color.)

For beauty addicts, how about this, courtesy of Neopoleon Perdis

Great Escapes Brush Set

An 8 piece, travel size brush set ideal for summery (or wintry) getaways. Brushes are available in two aquatic hues — teal or cobalt — and are presented in a vibrant kit embellished with a shell plaque. The tools ensure professional results with every application. Set includes foundation brush, concealer brush, powder brush, slanted eye shadow brush, eye blender brush, lip liner brush, eye liner brush and a brow brush/lash comb.

Siren Lip Gloss Pack

Five oh so pretty glosses for luscious-looking lips. Beneficial ingredients in the formula include Vitamins A, C and E and algae extracts to soften skin. Sunny flavors include passion fruit, orange, pineapple, mango and strawberry. Glosses have a brush applicator

And for those of you who still think email is just plain rude, Jill Bliss brings the fine art of hand-writing back to the Wired & The Classless courtesy of Chronicle Books:

Jill Bliss Sea Flowers Notecards

Jill Bliss Sea Flowers Mix Match Stationary

Jill Bliss Sea Flowers Journal

Three free months...all the books you can read.

And for those of you who like to read, I have negotiated with Book Swim (think Netflix for books) for a FREE three months. (Some of you are CRAZY with this reading thing, too. Someone on the BB&W fan page has read 70 books. This year.) Read as little or a much as you like, send the tomes back in a prepaid envelope they provide, then rinse and repeat.

For those of you who are ABSOLUTELY HAIR OBESSED, Bigen, a gentle hair color product made especially for women of color, going to feed your crack-like addiction.

And this book is a MUST HAVE for the new year. I read it–the good doctor breaks it down. Chek it out here.

AND! Apparently 20% of our readership are rain-beaus, I have stuff for you, too.

Joby: Gorillapod Magnetic
Bendable flexible tripod that can be affixed to any surface and features magnetic feet

  • Two dozen flexible leg joints bend & rotate for maximum tripod flexibility & functionality
  • Powerful neodymium magnetic feet allow it to be affixed to metal surfaces
  • Supports cameras and mini camcorders up to 325g or 11.5 oz
  • Comes with quick release universal 1/4″ tripod screw and lock ring for secure hold

Lemur Monitors: EconoDriver
Driving feedback accessory displays real-time fuel consumption to help you drive greener and save money

  • Program in the current cost of gas and it will indicate how much money you are wasting by accelerating and braking too quickly or idling too often
  • Installs within minutes and requires no additional tools or computer connection
  • Simply plug the sensor into your vehicle’s Data Port which then wirelessly relays the pertinent info to the display on the pocket-sized key fob

AND! That’s not all. There’s more, but it’s just too much to list. Have you RSVP’d yet? No? What is it–my party not in the right neighborhood? Well, if you change your mind, you can RSVP here.

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