EarthJeff: Swirling on Planet Earth Part 12 – Random Musings

 jeff and bee v 1


So… time for just some random musings of a wonderful relationship that just keeps rolling along…

  • Bee and I went to a drive-in movie this weekend.  Yes, one of those things where you pull up in the car and they check to make sure nobody is hiding on the floor or in the trunk because they charge by the number of bodies.  I didn’t realize those things even existed anymore.  Even though this place is the only one left in all of metro Detroit, it has 5 different screens.  We went and saw The Butler, several scenes of which made me cry.  Including the opening scene.  Not going to spoil it for anyone…  The whole movie did prompt some very deep discussions between us though.  Anyway, great movie.  I did kind of feel like a horny teenager when I realized that the difference between going to the drive in and going to the theater was, ah, privacy.  And we were in a van…. just saying….  Remember, I was the guy who kissed her – WITH tongue swipe – on the first date (OK… she was seat buckled in and I immediately ran just in case).  Many months later and in a van in the dark…. Feel free to fill in the blanks….
  • So I must be doing something right, and even though this sounds like it is every guys fantasy come true… we all dream this scene…. it really happened to me.  Bee was in the market and I was in the car waiting.  A sports car pulls up next to me with a gorgeous woman and she starts giving me the 10 second stare and smiling.  I was too shy to even look directly at her…. I had my sunglasses on and used my peripheral vision to look at her and ignore the little dog (I think a poodle) on the front seat.  Bee walks out, notices her, gets in the car, and looks at me NOT looking at the lady as I drive off.  So I laugh and ask Bee…. “Was she looking at me because 1. she was wondering what a white boy is doing in that neighborhood or 2. I was sitting there singing Chris Brown’s With You or 3. She just thought I was sexy?  Bee laughed and said probably not the first, probably the second (Bee LOVES when I sing to her, which I do often), and likely the third as well.  She also said that a gorgeous woman in a sports car with a little poodle and staring at a man probably was eyeballing me with interest.  OK, if I HAD returned the look and gotten in her car… the poodle was out….  Nah, Bee is my sweetie, I never would have gotten in the car.  But what a nice ego boost.  And… EVERY guy has had that dream of that happening
  • It still amazes me how perfect we are for each other.  Yeah, we have had a couple disagreements – very minor ones – but really have not had any major ones.  It is wonderful to have someone that you want to be with all the time, and with whom you want to share everything.  Somebody that you just seem to melt in to and become one with.  Someone who lights up your day with just a smile or a touch.  Somebody who can energize your with just a kiss.  Someone who can be your best friend, your lover, your baby, your boo, your sweetheart, your honeybee… all at the same time.
  • OK, so goofy though it is… when we watch TV together… our two favorite shows are Big Bang Theory and the Newlywed game.  Whenever we get around to becoming newlyweds, we are going on that show.  We will win.  Almost always get the questions right as we play along as we watch.  And Big Bang Theory…. we just both crack up as we watch.  Every episode.  Even when you can just predict what the next scene will be, we still laugh like heck when it plays out.
  • I am teaching Middle school this year.  Still in the city.  Middle schoolers are by far God’s craziest creatures.  Whatever is in second place is NOT even close.  So at the end of the day as my eyes are popping out and I want to find a brick wall to hit my head against, Bee is my calming and relaxing influence.  She will give me a sweet smile, a soft kiss, a gentle caress, rub my shoulders or back, feed me……  Mmmmmmmm, why would I ever give that up?  Not going to happen.  Even with a gorgeous woman in her 30’s with a poodle who is staring and smiling at me as she sits in a sports car…..
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