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Etiquette 101: 9 Tips for a more polished appearance at social gatherings

I have learned by experience that because people are always watching you and making internal judgments, it is wise to be aware of your outward presentation. The little things can send a big message.

1.   Yawning-  If you are tired or in the company of boring or dull conversation try to stifle the yawn, always cover your mouth and apologize graciously for the yawn.

2.   Staring and pointing- It is never in good taste to stare at people or to point at them. A quick  glance in their direction is fine. Pointing can make a person feel self-conscious.

3.   Gum Chewing- Mints to freshen up your breath is a better alternative.

4.   Nail biting, cracking knuckles, foot taping- these are nervous behaviors, just relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

5.    Angry outbursts- Avoid them. If the situation is too intense to address in a calm tone, take a deep breath or two and politley excuse yourself from the room until you can regain your composure.

6.   Public grooming- freshening your make up, fixing your hair, etc. in public is not appropriate. Make those adjustments in the restroom. A quick glance at yourself in your compact is fine.

7.   Loud talking- Unless you are hard of hearing, speak softly with those around you.

8.   Putting on airs-Being pretentious or snobby is unacceptable.

9.   Negative attitude or Complaining- Like a wet blanket, this behavior is very annoying and unwelcome so don’t go there. If you find yourself on the receiving end of this type of conversation try to graciously steer the conversation in a positive direction or politely excuse yourself.

The hosts of parties and gatherings always remember polished gracious behavior and find great pleasure in inviting those guests to future events.

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