Even the King of New York is Swirling: Bill Deblasio Wins The Big Apple In a Landslide Election

Fresh off the heels of our most  recent conversation regarding same race hate speech we have a new hero under our belt. Bill Deblasio took the New York City Mayoral election by storm yesterday winning with a margin so wide that it rivals historic numbers.

His platform of ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ conveyed the feelings of the general population of the greatest city in the world. The citizens of of Big Apple have been feeling left out, exploited and ostracized after life under the extended elitist political take over headed by the pockets belonging to multi millionaire Michael Bloomberg.

“My fellow New Yorkers, today, you spoke out loudly and clearly for a new direction for our city,” Mr. de Blasio, a 52-year-old Democrat, said at a raucous party in Park Slope, Brooklyn, at which his teenage children danced onstage and the candidate greeted the crowd in English, Spanish and even a few words of Italian.

“Make no mistake: The people of this city have chosen a progressive path, and tonight we set forth on it, together.”

His opponent did the routine political thing by running on a platform based on subtle class inferences and veiled racial insults which the public did not buy into. This is a further example of how politicians make a business out of selling divisiveness and the lure of identity politics instead of running a platform that will end with them at the services of those whom they believe they are superior to.

His attacks on Mr. de Blasio, as a “socialist” who would invite a return to crime-riddled streets, had a shrill quality.

I’m thinking the issues that the citizens of New York face are real to a person like Deblasio who has spent his time as a small time local politician married to a Black woman. Class and race are a big determining factor on whether one thinks New York is a safe place that affords one a quality of life worth the hefty price tag. The politicians are out of touch, if they were ever in touch is debatable, but either way, New Yorkers were willing to give Debasio’s ‘regular Joe’ background a shot.

Throughout the race, Mr. de Blasio overshadowed his opponent by channeling New Yorkers’ rising frustrations with income inequality, aggressive policing tactics and lack of affordable housing, and by declaring that the ever-improving city need not leave so many behind.

Here’s to hoping some of the systematic oppression that has been allowed to exist in New York is now going the way of the dinosaur. Deblasio is not an experienced politician but he an efficient political campaign organizer who can count Hilary Clinton as a supporter. The fact that he assisted her during her campaign runs can only benefit he and the state once we see what happens during our next presidential election #HilaryforPrez .

Deblasio raised an impressive 10,000 people to rally voter support versus his opponent who was only able to get 500 people to show up on his behalf.

When I see things like this, I can’t help but to laugh, the hateful left among us will age out and become the feeble invalid that is the marker of the elderly. Hollywood politics, hatred, oppression and government exploitation may just become a thing of the past.

Congratulations Mayor Deblasio!!

I look forward to seeing more of you and your unique family in the major headlines.

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