Fall in the SoCal Garden: Seeds vs. Transplants?

Except for the coldest regions, many of you can STILL eek out some plantings before winter, especially cool season plants that don’t mind getting a little less time in the sun and like cool nights. I’m planting tons of plants that I should start being able to enjoy by Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year.

These carrot seedlings are about a month old.


Super excited about this Chinese radish! I planted this about two weeks ago. Good thing about radish is that it grows quickly and can be ready to eat in about 30 days. You can let the roots remain and eat some of the greens, as the entire vegetable is edible.


I’m not planting everything from seed. Celery takes an incredibly long time to germinate and grow to maturity. I planted some celery I picked up from Home Depot. I like celery in the garden because you need only cut what you need and it continues to grow.


Alas, California is notorious for not making up it’s mind about what season it wants to be, so I have to keep shading at the ready for my cool season plants. I’m really liking this particular shading system!



These are my salad and lettuce greens that I directly sowed in our raised beds. It’s called NuVue  RowGro Tunnel for Plants, 18 inches wide, 9-Feet. The highlights:
–Filters sun’s harmful rays to prevent burning or drying
–Keeps insects out
–Protects from severe weather conditions including overnight frost protection
–Easy access panels at each end enable you to vent the tunnel on extremely hot days and to allow for easy routine watering

Anyone else still trying to garden through the fall?

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