Fashion, Food, And Fitness Tips And Tricks For Men

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It’s summer time–time to have fun, be fashionable, and stay fit. So what can a guy do to make sure that his summer is filled with all of these things? Keep reading and you’ll find some great tips, from finding the right clothes to look good and stay cool in, to snacking right and fitting in outdoor activities to a busy summer schedule.

Being Fashion Forward This Summer

Being fashionable can mean many things, but when it comes to summer fashion you want to make sure that you are wearing natural fabrics, like cotton and bamboo, that can help keep your cool on hot days.

You can find a ton of style advice online, from summer essentials to the best watches to wear. There are summer looks for guys that prefer a suit and tie. There are summer styles for the t-shirt and jeans guys. And, there are even summer looks for the hip guys that want to stand out.

The most fashionable thing to do though it to wear what makes you feel comfortable. Your comfort will equal confidence, whether you are at the golf course, at the beach, or at an outdoor summer concert.

Finding Time For Fitness

You may not have gotten all the exercise you should have during what seemed like an endless holiday season. Of course you got back on track with that new year’s resolution, but you need to remember summer is no time to slouch.

You want to stay fit even during the summer, so don’t skip your daily workouts just because you’re spending more time swimming or playing beach volleyball.

You also want to watch out for all of that great summer grilling and summer snacking by paying attention to what you eat and working off any extra calories you do consume at graduation parties, beach parties, and backyard parties.

Picking The Right Snacks And Foods

That’s where watching what you eat and making the right food choices come in handing. There are good snack choices and there are great grilling choices that won’t give you extra laps around the pool.

Drive-in theaters aren’t completely extinct, and if you have one in your area you may find yourself enjoying the open air to watch the hot summer flicks. When it comes time to buy your snacks, go for the popcorn, but pass on the extra oil and salt. Drink water instead of a soda as well.

Need some munchies around the pool or at the beach? Take fresh fruits and vegetables to snack on. There are so many choices with so many flavors and textures that you won’e miss chocolate, chips, and other junk foods.

When it comes to grilling, go for chicken instead of steak and turkey burger instead of hamburger. White meat has less fat and is just as filling. Grill up vegetables on the side and make a fresh bean salad to go along as a side instead of over filling pasta salads. The beans will also give you an extra protein boost.

Summer may be a time of fun and indulgence, but you don’t have to let it ruin your body. Eat right, stay fit, and make sure you look good for the ladies!

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