F&*CK&! STOP With All Your Nastiness and Judgements!!

I’ve tried to be patient, but now I am pissed off to to all out pissitivity. For weeks and months I’ve seen some people on this blog be so unbelievably nasty, judgmental and paranoid about some of the topics and people who are brave enough to share their stories. I have seen people whom I respect be so phucking cruel. There’s someone on here who arguably has Mensa-qualified intelligence be downright douchy to me and others. I’ve seen women who don’t have a man and have absolutely no prospects of having anyone with a male chromosome come near them cluck their tongues at folks who are trying to find their way in the wacky, tumultuous world of coupledom.

I know I can be a prick about nebulous celebrities and newsmakers, but I (mostly) reserve my smart-assiest remarks for folks who don’t and won’t every know this blog exists. WHEN PEOPLE COME INTO MY HOUSE, I AM KIND AND RESPECTFUL TO THEM, JUST LIKE I WOULD BE IN REAL LIFE. What I’m seeing lately here is more personal, pervasive and poisonous, and I’m getting SO FUCKING MAD that I’m seriously debating how to continue the blog with this format. I can not allow for people who come and share their stories to be ripped to shreds. Understandably, people who open themselves will eventually go away, because only a MASOCHIST would enjoy some of the shit some of you dish out.

I said it.This isn’t what I want BB&W to be about. There is literally no other place like this on the web. Don’t make me shut it down.


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