Feel Good Story from Leonard Nimoy to Young Biracial Girl. Who Knew?

Thanks to Deepa Kunapuli over at Upworthy, the Internet was set abuzz by of a feel good story.  Evidently, a marginalized biracial girl wrote in to Mr. Spock for advice.  Yes, this would be the same First Mate to Captain Kirk of the Starship Enterprise we know from Star Trek.  Mr. Spock was featured in a column in FAVE Magazine.  Seeing that this was 1968, I along with many others was especially thrilled to see that Leonard Nimoy was so touched by the young lady’s letter that he personally responded to her.  His advice was great and hopefully it gave the young lady the boost of confidence she needed to address her haters.  Way to go Mr. Spock.

Spock 1

Spock 2


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