Four Business Ideas Couples Can Do Together

Although there are some interesting dynamics to gender roles that are worth consideration, Americans have a long history of spouses working together. Both invest human capital into something that grows the household income exponentially, and both grow as individuals through ownership.

There’s no right or wrong answer to whether a business with your spouse is right for you, but there are some businesses worth pursuing because they are easier to manage as a two-person team.

Coffee Shop

A coffee shop has relatively low startup costs and requires no more than a two person team to launch. The costs to run a kiosk or a shop with seating are roughly the same, and both can be run as lean operations. You need espresso supplies, a coffee bean supplier, some kitchen supplies, and some packaging (with or without branding to help cut costs) to cover the basics. There are also costs for certifications to make and handle food where applicable.

How to Make it Work

Coffee shops thrive in the mornings and evenings, and the costs to produce the product are very low. The hardest part is creating time to walk away from the shop, which is crucial. The two of you need to be able to spend time together, so part time hires are a must if you pursue this business.

Mobile Car Washing

With its low startup cost and high returns, mobile car washing has become popular for small businesses. You will need supplies to wash the car, a good truck or van to remain mobile, and some marketing prowess. It helps if one of you is good at talking face-to-face with people, especially executives.

How to Make it Work

Mobile car washing is the epitome of convenience and typically doesn’t need to follow a lot of state regulations or inspections. One of you can be the field person while the other manages back office affairs. Separating work spaces will also give each of you a sense over domain. This helps keeps duties separate and allows for both of you to be a “decision maker” in some capacity, this avoiding needless power struggles.


While pricey to begin with, franchising can have long term benefits that pay off for decades if managed well. The downside is you need to hire employees, and may be required to conform to corporate culture and ideologies. The upsides are as numerous as the hours you’re willing to put into the venture.

How to Make it Work

The key to franchising will be listening to one another, and working well. Franchising is a lot like paying for a business plan, but you’ll still need to make decisions about how to run your business. Inevitably, one of you may want to get more involved than the other.


Think of all the shabby chic ideas floating around Pinterest to get a sense of what you might do. You can both learn projects and blog about your experiences. People generally love DIY content, so invest in a camera, and a domain name, and try to build something.

How to Make it Work

Simply put, both of you have to do a lot of work to make a blog or Vlog work. You both will need to learn skills outside your skillset, and to think of creative projects and ways to brand yourselves. It’s an excellent long term side project.

Final Thoughts

Surviving a business with your spouse involves commitment, and teamwork. You need to work hard to provide a safe and loving space where customers feel welcomed, while making sure each of you has some form of independence in the business. If each of you defines responsibility, and sets aside time for the other, your chances of success are much better.

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