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Friday (Ain’t So) Funny: Dr. Laura Jumps the Shark!

I have a confession. I’m a Dr. Laura fan. Have been for years. In my mid-twenties I listened to her with mandibles firmly on the tongue, much like leftists listen to their mortal enemy–Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. Then I started to come around to her line of thinking–don’t shack-up with men and be an unpaid whore, raise your kids instead of institutionalizing them in day care for 12 hours a day, cook a decent dinner and enjoy sex with your husband because men tend to like that–A LOT.

I’m a pro-family kind of gal so that was an okay message for me, and I listen to her in the car while shuffling and taxing kids to this or that. All my four children, INCLUDING my 13 month old baby, know the words to Patti LaBelle’s “New Attitude.”

Over the years, Dr. Laura has changed her views on a few things, including her stance of homosexuality and interracial marriage. Nine years ago, she railed against bigoted family members who wouldn’t embrace their kin’s interracial or interrcultural love, marriage and subsequent children. (As an aside, she went from a pseudo-scientific stance that being gay was a “biological defect” to chatting gay couples up and advising them on a regular) However, her message about intermarriage has gradually evolved to a more conservative stance.

The gradiometer went on tilt a few days ago.

I can tell you this: I’m glad my kids weren’t in the car when I heard this. I can not believe this woman would say “black people say ‘nigger’ all the time,” like we as a race move unilaterally, think alike, talk alike and all tolerate stupidity.

Earth to Dr. Laura: My black family and friends DO NOT CALL EACH OTHER NIGGERS. Although I use the phrase, SHRIVELED OLD BITCH often, and I’m thinking it, using it, and applying it to YOU!

Dr. Laura has truly jumped the shark on this one, and it’s sad, because she–in general– has a lot of constructive things to say about dating, marriage and family. This will negate a lot of that message for millions of potential and current listeners.

Dr. Laura, you ain’t funny.

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