Friday Funny: PC Users Are Like Cavemen.

Please don’t be offended if this is you. I used to be you until I bought my first Macbook four years ago. But the truth must come to light. After buying my new IPod Touch at the spanking-new Apple store at the Temecula Promenade, opening the package and fooling around with it a bit, I got to thinking. The fact that all this information (and fun!) is ready at the touch of my fingertips brings The Jetsons prophecy to at least partial fruition. At last, the world sees a glimpse into the life of George Jetson–now if someone can just figure out how to get me out of bed, shower me, comb my hair and make me breakfast while I’m still asleep, I’d really appreciate it.

There are some people out there who SWEAR BY THEIR PCs. They would not try a Mac, would not, could not try a Mac. They do not like them SAM I AM. I find that people capable of this level of stubburness bleeds over into other areas. I’ve developed a few mock conversations with such folks to highlight my point:

Me: “Can I give you a ride to the store 20 miles away in my Prius?”
Cave people: “No thanks; I just got my rock tires rotated and my feet will get me there just fine, thankyouverymuch.”

Me: “Would you like some soup from my slow cooker?”
Cave People:“Sorry I’m all full up on the gruel I just warmed up in my caldron”

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