Friday Funny: White Ford Pick-Up Trucks are Possessed by the DEBBIL!!

What is it about this truck that makes white racist males like it so much? Do the hicks choose the truck, oooooorrrr, does the truck choose them? Maybe it’s like that one Stephen King movie, Christine.

Could it be like that? The spirits of all the old slave masters, lynchers and Jim Crow enforcers and Richard Nixon converge upon the white Ford pick-up, and everyone who rides in one becomes an automatic fire-breathing bigot?

Because the two times I was called a nigger was when a duo of idiots whizzed by me in one of those white, raggedy trucks. It happened to another reader too and we thought maybe, it wasn’t a coincidence.

Here’s my theory about what make them so seductive:

–Let’s go with the obvious. It’s WHITE. Duh!
–White is a nice contrast with the Confederate flag when installed properly to the back end so it waves high and mighty and the wind whips through as they speed 70 miles per hour in the parking lot of an old folks home for black people.
–The white pick-up has a long, deep bed, PERFECT for carrying klansmen and skinheads with just enough ample space for nooses, wood cross and flammable liquids, and big guys and chewing tobacco.
–The old Ford engines have some kick, so the driver can slow down long enough to spit at you and call you that dreaded n-word and then high-tail it too soon for you to make out the coward’s faces.

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