Gender Conflict

Friday Not-So-Funny: “I avoid Black women that date interracially like the Plague..Black Men can do whatever they want!!!”

I wasn’t looking for this, but it came up on my YT home screen. Please note the title. This man speaks quite coherantly about why black men are allowed to date and marry interracially and black women aren’t. This man’s ideas are not unusual. And people wonder why a book like “Swirling” was even needed.

No; none of us in the BB&W Crew buy this horse excreta, but many, many MANY others do. They actually ACCEPT that BM are entitled to MORE dating opportunities than they are. It is just accepted.

Gotta give the guy credit for acknowledging his hypocrisy though. He ironically says around 10:50, “I like the free-spirited opened minded women, but the free spirited open minded women always date all over the place.”

Guess he doesn’t like them too “free.”

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