Is Gabriel Aubrey Trying to ‘White Wash’ Nahla?

So Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubrey are back in court, and this time it’s over Halle’s outrage that Nahla’s father seems to be chemically straightening and highlighting her hair in an attempt to look a fraction less than 1/4 black.


This from TMZ:

Halle Berry just took Gabriel Aubry to court … claiming he’s trying to make their 6-year-old daughter white.

Halle was furious Gabriel was straightening Nahla’s naturally-curly hair, lightening it with highlights and she is convinced it’s because he does not want the girl to appear to be African American.

Halle didn’t show in court Monday morning, but her lawyer Steve Kolodny did, along with Gabriel and after a lot of arguing the judge ruled NEITHER Halle nor Gabriel could change Nahla’s look from its natural state.

So the judge is allowing Nahla’s hair to grow back naturally.

Score one for Berry.

While I’m outraged about the idea that a parent would chemically alter a child’s hair to make him or her with an intention to alter her appearance (if that’s the case; we don’t know for sure), let’s not jump all over Gabriel until we take a good look at how the black community has been and continues to chemically alter the hair texture of little black girls to the extent that they have no recollection of how their hair looks and feels in it’s natural state. Go down the ethnic aisle of virtually any store, and you’ll see “Just For Me” kiddie starter perms. Mothers are putting perms on children as young as two years old.


How old does this child look on this box of relaxer…older than Nahla, or nah?

Is it more outrageous that Gabriel is doing it than when our community does it? Whether it’s Gabriel or the Black America, both have “roots” in the weed of white supremacy. I’m gonna need anyone who’s not natural and who has ever chemically altered their children’s hair to have a stadium full of seats. I’m also noting how black media is summoning the One Drop Rule and assigning and claiming this child is black. She’s a quarter black. She is MOSTLY of European lineage. I find this appropriation of blackness to biracial people tedious. People need to stop trying to erase ancestry. Parents and greater society need to allow these children to be ALL that they are.

Please don’t take this as a defense of Mr. Aubrey. As a natural, and a mother of three girls with varying ranges of curls from tightly spiraled to loose and wavy, I would never, EVER chemically alter my children’s God-given hair. I just find it utter hypocrisy to see outrage from the same folks who get laid with lye every six weeks themselves.

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