Game of Thrones Appreciation Thread

Well Game of Thrones fans, it’s that time again, the sad, sad time of year when the series ends for the season. I saw the finale tonight and felt somewhat let down. In some ways, the episode just previous to this one would have made a better ending. After all, one of Dany’s kids dies and get resurrected as a demon-zombie dragon. Sort of hard to stand that up next to the death of Little Finger. For a couple seasons I’d forgotten he was even still there. He was always blending into the tapestry. Even the news that John Snow really isn’t a “snow” aka bastard but heir to the Iron Throne and Dany’s nephew (this has been corrected from my previous error of writing they were cousins. The die-hard fans did not like that one bit!). That’s…kind of inconvenient, since they were clearly getting busy on the boat back to..wherever.

So many variables. So many theories. Let’s hangout here ponder what fresh hell the finale season will portend.

What do you all have to say?

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