Farmer's Market Fresh

Gardening for Health (and) Beauty

I garden for efficiency. If I grow something that flowers, I’d better be able to eat some or all of the plant. Right now my garden is exploding with kale, Swiss Chard, onions and lemons. I’m making lots of salads…


Kale salad with goat cheese, pecans, cilantro and cranberries

And I’m using the sprouts I’m growing in the kitchen…


Smashed avocado salad with onion leaves (they taste like chives) alfalfa sprouts, cilantro and tomatoes

What’s great is that virtually everything I’m growing is in a container of some kind. If you’re cramped for space like I am and don’t have the space and time to grow pretty flowers you can’t eat for dinner, check out the All New Square Foot Gardening book.

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