Book Writing Adventures

Get Ready!

Next week just might be the best BB&W yet. Wish you could hear my bravado, see my swagger. Remember JJ from Good Times?


Yeah, like that.

On the menu:

  • Doubtful that a rainbow man might not want you? What you MAY be doing to prove yourself right.
  • Managing the Myth: “I found a good Black Man, there’s a lot of good ones out there!” An exploration into the Denial and Defense psychosis
  • Question of the Week: “I have always wanted to date outside my race, but I never really had the guts or opprotunity to do so. How can I get over this?” (I’m bringing in the BIG GUNS to tackle this question, but YOUR PARTICIPATION in giving this girl (who just so happens to be a childhood friend of mine) some good advice. Otherwise I will summon the Bad Hair gods and curse your coifs until I’m satisfied you’ve learned your lesson.)
  • My kindred sister in Asia, Jo Gan, blogger of the SERIOUSLY GOOD Life Behind the Wall, will lend some advice on how to manage and reconcile cultural differences, using her experiences being married to a Chinese man and living on his turf.
  • Friday Funny: Let’s see. How much feces will fly THIS week. Lucky for me I just acquired a SUPER-STRENGTH TURD SHEILD (you know who you are!)

And you know what? If that’s not enough for you, well then, I just don’t know what it will take to please you. We may have to consider counseling.


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