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Globalization and the Call to Save Black Boys: Will it Work?

In the article that Jamila posted below titled:

You Mean They Have a Name for That?! A Scientific Look at Why Blackistan Exists

I posted the following series of articles written by Richard C. Longworth.

Richard Longworth is a Senior Fellow at The Chicago Council on Global Affairs. He is the author of Caught in the Middle: America’s Heartland in the Age of Globalism, now out in paperback (Bloomsbury USA). He is a longtime editor and foreign correspondent for the Chicago Tribune and United Press International, a two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist, twice an Overseas Press Club Award winner, and a Nieman Fellow at Harvard. More important, he is an Iowa native and is a recognized expert and frequent speaker on the Midwest and its place in a globalizing world.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Take a look at the program:

It is about African American males.  Granted once again we have a report that totally ignores black girls.  Girls who are living in the same conditions as the boys and are not doing much better as far as life outcome. The girls we know  have the over lay of harassment and sexual abuse and exploitation to contend with.  Black boys act out, Black girls suffer in silence.  The squeaky wheel get the oil which is why reports like the one posted above have the slant that they do and why spaces like this one and others exist to fill in the gaps when it comes to discussions of black woman’s and girl’s issues.   No the girls were not the focus of this report.

That is not why I am posting it.
The  program highlights graphically what we here talk about. Despite what the deniers  and those not wanting dirty laundry exposed the issues are well documented. 

 In a sense you see that black women cannot fix any of this dysfunction alone.  It is huge.
The film offers an illustration of just how huge it is. Read the articles that I posted however and then view the film through the filter of what you have just read. You will see why I am not at all optimistic for the future of most poor black communities.

The people in the film are talking about the US being competitive in the world economy and that improving the lot of young black males is key to this.  Really.  Knowing that  because of globalization, there is no will for the movers and shakers to make the US competitive, what chance do you think there is that there will ever be a “new civil rights fight”  to save black boys?  
There will, in my opinion, be no effective government intervention large enough and comprehensive enough to lick this.

 Am I saying write these young men off?  No, but one has to realize that there has to be a much different prescription  than looking for big government or a ground swell of social consciousness to get the job done.  What about Social services?  Changes in the criminal justice system? What?  In a time where the mantra is “no new taxes” “don’t tax the rich” how does this get paid for?  On top of that add the fact that other communities are becoming incredibly stressed because of globalization and will be more interested in saving their own sons.

Having said all of this we cannot forget our daughters. The conditions that are affecting our sons affect them also.  In my opinion there will be no new civil rights fight for them either.

So what is a black women to do?

Not be silenced.

Not add to the problem.

Form strong families with quality men, black and non-black..

Escaping from Blackistan. 
In a word everything that the original BWE bloggers have out lined should be the focus of black women.

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