What Are Your Goals For 2014?

The new year is almost upon us. It’s a time to reflect on what happened in 2013 and figure out what changes we want to make in 2014.

For my part, I’m looking for a better job. I LOVE the company I work for and my desire is to remain with this employer, just in a different position. I need a full-time position with benefits (ya know, some paid vacation, some steady hours, etc.), a position where I am using more of my mental faculties and other abilities.

In order to help my career along, I also plan to complete certifications in project management and Google Analytics.

On a personal note, I’m going to spend more time with my friends and family in 2014. For the last few years I’ve been a bit of recluse, in large part because I just haven’t had the money to go anywhere or do anything. My lack of funds has caused me to withdraw–who wants to spend time with the broke girl that doesn’t even had a car and will thus have to be picked up? But this feeling of inadequacy that makes me feel as if my friendship isn’t valuable unless I have any money is something that I’m working on changing. I have one really good friend–my best friend–who I have been meaning to go visit. She’s married with two kids and lives in another state. I miss her so much. She keeps telling me to quit looking for a job in Chicago and just come live with her. So, either in January or February I am making a promise to myself that I will take a weekend off of work and away from my other responsibilities and go visit her.

So, spend more time with family and friends and find another position. Those are my two main goals for 2014.

What are you looking towards changing or adding more of to your life in 2014?

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