Goddess of the Week

Goddess of the Week: Stunning Natural Beauty, Dr. Phoenyx Austin

I e-met Dr. Phoenyx when she started blogging on Madame Noire. Saw her on Facebook, and I was like, DAYUM at that hur! Not only is she a beaut, she’s an M.D. She earned a Bachelors in Psychology from the University of Florida and a Doctorate in Medicine (MD) from Meharry Medical College. Two single, hawt doctors, two weeks in a row. How these two are still single baffles me almost as much as sophomore geometry.

Well, goody for you.

Now, all about the beautiful bird:

Hello BBW! I’m so flattered that Chris decided to feature me as the Goddess of the Week. And for those that don’t know me, I’ll start by telling you all a bit about myself. I’m a full-time writer, media personality, and physician living in the Washington DC area. I’m originally from Panama, and have lived all over the US- from New York (Queens baby!), to Florida, to Texas, to Tennessee, and now DC!

A few of my hobbies are fishing, paintball, and traveling- especially to tropical destinations. Since I’m from Panama, I’m also a huge fan of anywhere that has beautiful beaches and warm weather. I have a few passions, but my first love has always been writing. And a close second is music- I was actually a HUGE band geek in school. LOL. As far as my professional goals, I’m a creative type and an entrepreneur at heart. And some of my professional goals include taking my writing to the next level by becoming a bestselling author (I’m actually working on my first book now), as well as hosting my own radio/television show.

BB&W: What type of guy are you looking for?

What “type” of guy am I looking for? Hmmm. The only “type” of men I date are good men. I’ve always been a “good guys finish first” type of woman. Attraction is important to me, but race is not. I’ve dated men of all colors and backgrounds. I come from a blended family, with roots all throughout the West Indies and Caribbean. And I was raised by wonderful parents that taught me to look beyond color to a person’s character. So ultimately, I am most attracted to a man who has integrity, is spiritually grounded, has general respect for women, and who also has an unwavering sense of love and loyalty to the woman he commits to.

BB&W: Any relationship goals? What are they?

Hmmm, this is a question I’d rather have one-on-one with a prospective mate. So I’d rather not get too involved with my answer here. But suffice to say, I have always been commitment-oriented. And I only date men with a similar relationship goal.

BB&W: What’s your five-year plan?
My five year plan is to be just as happy in the future as I am now.;)

BB&W: You KNOW you have to tell us a bit more about your GORGEOUS hair…

Ok, so I was also asked to elaborate more on my hair. As you all can see from my pics, I have natural hair. Sometimes, I rock in in a big ole-fro, and sometimes I’ll wear it in two-strand kinky twists. I’ve been natural for close to 7 years, and I actually went natural for spiritual reasons. For years, I relaxed my hair. But deep down, I always felt like I was hiding from who I really was. So one day after years of inner turmoil, I shaved off all my relaxed hair. It was years ago, but I still remember it like it was yesterday. The experience was very liberating and I’m so happy I did it. I look at my hair now, and I can’t believe I allowed fear and insecurity to keep me from embracing my hair. That’s no longer the case. My hair is a major part of who I am- and I LOVE it! When I’m out and about, I get compliments and constantly approached by women with questions about “going natural.” And I’ve also had many women tell me that I inspired them to go natural- which I think is pretty cool. I think natural hair is beautiful. And I’m very proud to be natural. I love being and looking unique. This is me- not me trying to look like someone else. That’s beauty to me. And if other people find me beautiful as well, then it’s an even bigger bonus!

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