Me and Guess Who?! Leona…UNVEILED!

So my little trip to Washington D.C. was full of pleasant surprises. Besides being in the city that beats the political pulse of America on election day, I met a BB&W favorite…none other than “Leona” from our “Leona’s Love Quest” series! She’s so cute…she comes up to me while I’m signing books and asked for an autograph. She whispers, “I’m such a big fan!” I look up, see her name tag, her hair, then I knew. I squealed with delight and hugged all the air out of her. Here’s a picture of us. AND! I’ll have you know that “Leona” is cute, charming and witty as all get-out. Not sure why the hell she’s still single, though.

Leona, sported the new MOSCOT sunglasses she won at our giveaway.

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