Hair Success! What Twists and Twists Outs Have Reaped!


This is my hair length in 2009

These pics are from yesterday…

My hair started getting longer and strong when I FINALLY gave in and admitted that heat is just too damaging for fine, Afro-textured hair to withstand regularly. No matter how much conditioning and heat protectant I used, nothing beats the real (natural) thing, baby.

…So I’ll keep wearing my hair like this…and you know what’s even AWESOME-ER? I ends only needed to be trimmed a quarter of an inch!

And let it grow, because it’s waist-length or bust come time I’m 40, so that gives me a good two years. You know what’s weird? My hair is lightening–I’m wondering why the heck that’s happening, cuz I don’t color it!

Best products for me

Kinky Curly Shampoo (got to give those folks props–it gets all the goo so you can start on a clean slate.

Quidad Shower Comb: The absolute Gold Standard to shower detangling

Everything Shea Moisture

Miss Jessie’s Purple Goo (okay that’s not the name but I don’t feel like getting up to check)

Kinky Kurly Kustard (for twists with light hold and shine)

Quidad Volumizing Mousse

Castor oil and coconut oil


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