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Zabeth: Health Benefits of Massage

Ever wondered why you feel soooooo good after getting a massage? It turns out that massage has many health benefits!

I try to schedule a massage pretty regularly and had no idea that there were this many benefits:

Lungs & Belly

Firm pressure applied to the skin sends nerve signals to your brain telling it to relax. This combats stress by activating your parasympathetic nervous system. You begin to breathe more slowly and deeply. Your digestive system begins to pick up the pace.


Serotonin production steps up and brain waves move more into their current state:

Morning massage- you’ll become more awake and alert

Evening massage- you’ll move closer to a sleeping state pattern. This should help you sleep better at night.


Your heart rate slows down and your blood pressure may lower by up to 8%!


Hands, fingers, and firm pressure on your body signal to adrenal glands to cut production of stress related hormones (and belly fat producing) cortisol and vasopressin.


Stimulated by the applied pressure your white cells increase activity helping to slay viral, bacterial, and cancerous cells.

Aches and Pains

Massage helps trigger natural pain relief


Who knew massage had this many health benefits? Massage is not only an enjoyable activity but it is also therapeutic and beneficial to your health. Consider making it part of your self-care regimen. If you’re concerned about the cost consider taking a look at your health insurance coverage. Certain procedures and types of massage may be partially covered if not completely. Also talk with your regular health care provider or chiropractor for resources and suggestions as well.



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