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Health: From Over 200 Pounds to PURE Hawtness. Meet the Gorgeous Cameesha Brown.

Cameesha reached out to me about a week ago inquiring about becoming a “Goddess.” But after I read her story about going from over 200 pounds to this:

I was like, HOW DARE YOU!! You’d better come on this board and be ready to drop some knowledge on how you’ve managed to make me question my own sexuality!!

Here’s what Cameesha looked like before:


And if that first picture wasn’t enough for you, here’s how she looks now:

A little more about Cameesha when you wipe that drool off your keyboard:

I am a senior financial analyst at Salvatore Ferragamo and I am certified personal trainer and fitness lifestyle coach. I have a passion for helping women reach their weight loss goals due to my own personal background. In my college days I tipped the scales at over 200lbs (check out the before pic below). By power and motivation I was able to stay focused and now I compete in a number of competitions and fitness model too.

And I was NOT letting her leave without sharing just what the hayell she does to be so GEE DEE HAWT!!!

Cameesha G’s Workout and Fitness Plan:


When it comes to sticking to my fitness goals the battle is won or lost in the kitchen. To win the battle keep your food: healthy, natural, and organic. Also infuse a variety of macronutrients to into your diet to keep your taste buds alive.

To meet my protein requirements I dine on a variety of fish (ie grouper, salmon, sea bass etc) purchased from my local fish market and I purchase lean meats (ie chicken breast) from my neighborhood butcher. There is a greater value in buying my protein supply from these specialized shops (in terms of price and quality) then the chain super markets. I also suggest that you eat lots of leafy greens (spinach, green beans) and other veggies (ie carrots) rich in nutrients. Again I frequent the farmers market to get my weekly supply of nature’s goodness.

Also ladies do not be afraid of the dreaded five letter word…carb!! Carbohydrates is what your body needs to do work. Without carbs your hunger cravings will seem endless and worse your body may start to use your protein and turn it into carbs anyway!! This is super unhealthy. Keep your carbs natural and organic. I suggest sweet potatoes, whole grain pasta/whole wheat bread/and wraps, and oatmeal are a perfect complement to your diet.


As far as workouts go, the same rule applies the key is variety, variety, variety!!! *Cardio*- I use various cardio machines to burn the calories away. Whether it’s the treadmill, bike, or step mill I am sure to get a burn in the gym. Generally ,if you are looking to lose weight stay within the 45 min to an hour workout range.

Weight Training

Ladies this is sooo key. Weights do not add bulk but turn your body into a lean mean fighting machine. Whenever in doubt start off light and do lots of reps. Or use a universal machine that will simulate the movement for you then move to free weights. Trust you will love the results. I suggest weight training three times a week to get your body going!!

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