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Health: Nagging Like Yo Mama– Do Yoga So You Won’t Look Like Yo Mama.

First off, the folks who signed up for the CLICK challenge earlier this month holla! Drill sergeant needs updates.

Thought I’d give you an update on what the heck I’ve been doing, just so you know I’m not being like my 8th-grade P.E. teacher, Mr. McClusky, who had a beer belly so big he looked like he was pregnant with sextuplets while he was making us kids do 50 push-ups and 3 miles on the track.

After all the other fads and exercise do-hickeys I’ve tried over these passed few months, there’s been ONE and ONLY (ish) exercise that literally has changed the shape of my body from a wanna-be Fruit of the Loom character to something I can feel comfortable stuffing into some skinny jeans.

I know I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating.


I know some folks are into yoga for the meditative and stress relief aspect and while that a perk, I have absolutely no time to engage in 30 minutes of anything unless I see some results! I vary with other exercises like pilates and the barre method, and since I’m all for sharing a good thing when you find it, here’s a short video of my favs:

Yoga is Perfect for the black woman’s body

What I’ve found that absolutely unique to any other exercise that I’ve seen that black women do is how yoga seems to be the just about the best routine for black women, who often carry their weight in their stomachs, arms and thighs. Listen close: yoga slims all the undesirable parts and makes those others pop out like a stripper in a giant birthday cake. All of a sudden, those flying-squirrel arms are refined, your chest is bigger because your posture is better, and you can bounce a nickel off your arse.

Wins all the way around.

Here’s a position that just might kill me, but if I get it right I’ll be The Golden Child


Plank is great for your forearms, chest, and stomach

The Babster would not be out done.

Tree pose is great for balance, leg and thigh toning

Down Dog is the best stretch on God green earth

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