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Come Hither: Get Your Sex, Love, Relationship Questions Answered With No Shame

When I started my Come Hither articles a few months ago I received so much positive feedback that I wondered if the BBW readers would be interested in hearing more about dating and relating to the opposite sex.

There are tons of articles and websites devoted to offering advice and tricks to assist women as they approach the mating game. What’s usually missing from those articles is input from people that look and sound like you, the reader.

Another voice that we often don’t hear from when discussing men, are actual men and that’s a shame since there are plenty out here willing to help women better understand male/female interactions.

What if you could find out any answer to any question you had about sex, relationships and love from a professional insider?

Now you can!!

And why would you want to know something from me?

Who the fu*k am I?

That’s a valid question.

I am an erotica writer, fetish model, and lifestyle kinkster.

I’ve been in the adult industry in one form or another for twenty years, I know men when men forget women are around.

I know their habits.

I know their insecurities.

I know their secrets.

I know their joys.

I know their heart.

I know their pain.

I know what they wish you knew.

I know…………a lot about men.

And as a performance artist, exotica dancer, or stripper, for those of you high and mighty types, I’m well versed in perception, incitement, excitement, and visual seduction.

I’m not here to convince you to do anything that you don’t want to do, however, if you feel like your learning to walk in high heels is all that you need to accomplish this new year, then we need to talk. If you want to know how to ‘glam up’ effortlessly, you’re gonna love me, girl.

How to you pop up some parts while smoothing out others? I know how.

What position makes you look scrumptious in bed on the first night of the do-ism? I know….and I’ll tell you so that you’ll know. And then you tell a friend and they tell a friend and now some women are more comfortable with becoming sexually active when the time is right. Now, less women are self-conscious about their naked bodies because women with imperfect bodies take pictures and display boldness and pride.

Make-up is make-up, I actually don’t wear much. I’m usually fresh faced, though when the time is right, or the need occurs when you must go deep within, make-up is what you get done……dramatic is what you become.

I can teach how to be this woman.

And if you are a guy, I can teach you how to approach this woman.

You can watch all the porn you want, but if you still can’t figure out how the round peg goes in the square hole in that scene with the turtle and rainbow in 23 Days of Ways, then I’m your go to girl.

Who else would be able to draw you a diagram to clarify? I don’t judge but surly some of you will. I’m hoping those that want to know out weight those that don’t embrace the BACK button.

Everything ain’t for everybody.

I’m a single mother, and I can tell you ways of survival that never crossed your sane stable home background having mind.

The tides of earning potential and the cost of living have shifted but this is like surfing to me, though you may feel like your drowning now that less is more, a woman such as I can hook you up with 20 Ramen Noodle recipes to die for.

Family Dollar shopping sprees and Pay Half fabulousness. Not everyone here has “Berk-en bag money”…. I pit my thrift store hobo bag sexy against a top label princess any day.

And I’m not about that Badu-life, I dress in whatever manner serves my needs be it corporate, Betty, gothic, eclectic, or sex kitten. When you treat clothes like props, it becomes easier to be whomever you choose; I’ll teach you to be a chameleon. Looking the part is half of the battle when it comes to progression in love and in life.

I can show you how to run up on discounted Diva-ness and have women and men gagging at your style and flair.

The things that made you stand out as a quirky kid is what makes it soo easy to be unique and easily able to catch everyone’s eye.

I tell no lies, my child. They hated you for your power, and not for your weakness.

Here’ a hint for the Spring, the stores are doing black and white polka dots and stripes, one up the locals by doing polka dots paired with statement colors like teal, orange or yellow while everyone else stays with ‘safe’ black and white solids.

Been there and did all of that. (Learn to say just say yes…)

Usually twice just to make sure.

I sometimes took notes. If it was recently…I have cell phone pix (I’m joking, of course!)

I bragged about it, too. (Sometimes…..)

And did the stuff they said not to do. I can attest to the fact that, no, your palms will not grow hair, after all.

And some stuff I can’t admit to doing because of pesky laws and statutes. But that doesn’t man we can’t still pretend!

I can tell you about nearly anything you’d like to know, from demure to the strange, nothing much can shock me. But you might clutch your pearls.

Send questions or article suggestions to [email protected]. Use the subject “Help” so that I know its you.

I will publish my responses as an article or Q & A . I will never reveal the original author, so feel free to spill the tea, I am the keeper of secrets by profession.

Both of them. *wink*

If you have the need to indulge in the extra strange then I invite you to send your questions as well. Those will be answered on my erotica site (#NSFW #ALERT ALERT ALERT ALERT ) to assure the wholesomeness of this space here.

Don’t be shy.

I’m not and as always I promise to be straight and to the point.

I can’t promise that you’ll always like the answer but knowing how to properly inspect for evidence of sissy boy in your new man’s demeanor is priceless.

And gentlemen, don’t be shy!! The ladies could use your input and I am more than happy to answer your questions as well.

Reach out and touch…… won’t be the first……


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