Blast from the Past

I Say Hot Salt–Pillars of Salt to the Extreme!!

This is for the people who no matter what truths you show them, they refuse to see or acknowledge what is right before them and maintain the same thoughts no matter what. This is a sickness for which I use the code words: “I Say Hot Salt!”

This is an interesting story that came about several years ago. I was home visiting family and a cousin was sitting with me eating at the dining room table.   Indulging is some of my mother’s delicious fried chicken, my cousin asked me to pass her the hot sauce. I was sure she said “hot salt” I smiled and said, “This is hot SAUCE.” She looked at me and said, “I Say Hot Salt.” I took a breath, and passed her the hot sauce. I reasoned that my cousin just didn’t care what the correct words were, she chose to remain in ignorance —- clearly having been shown what the bottle said and clearly seeing what was inside the bottle. She chose to stay ignorant and say what she wanted to say despite all evidence that she was incorrect. I couldn’t even enjoy my chicken anymore. So now, when people do and say ignorant things, having been corrected or shown the correct way, I think to myself: “I say Hot Salt!” My friends and I now use this as a code, and get a good laugh.

In all seriousness, I found that mindset is a form of “Normalcy Bias”.   It is a mental state of people who stand by and do nothing knowing of the impending doom.  I use the example of black women, or extreme pillars of salt who know that they are in danger and continue to remain in dangerous areas.  Remote connection? Maybe, but the mindset is the same.  Remaining in ignorance despite the in-your-face proof of the obvious, or remaining in a dangerous situation despite the in-your-face signs and proof could be disasterous for one all the way around.

Back to the hot salt story, imagine my surprise when I found that there really was a product called Hot Salt! My sister could hardly wait to tell me she found some in her lazy susan —– clueless of when she may have purchased it. We had a great laugh about that one.  I understand that Patti LaBelle travels with some at all times.  I don’t know what my cousin would call this and am afraid to ask.

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