I Think Nik West is My New Girl Crush.

I’ve been seeing her all over my Facebook timeline, rocking a bass guitar. Even without any sound, the beauty, confidence and talent of bass guitarist, Nik West comes through.

And there’s just something about the “funky black chick” that likes what she likes, looks how she looks, and is unapologetic about it that makes her a rare creature indeed.


But she’s not just musically talented. She’s a model, AND a nerd. OMG…

“Music was not the only area West excelled in. The accomplished runway and print model and musician was a straight A student in high school and a track and field state record holder. She’s so passionate about calculus that she has a blog dedicated to her love for it. Unfortunately for the universities that offered her scholarships for her mind and athletic acumen, West chose music as her career path,” according to her bio. Not only is this chick so badass, she wants young girls to feel empowered to be badasses too with her Queens of String, organization, meant to encourage girls to learn instruments and foster self esteem.





I’m in total love. Go Nik!!!


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