I’m Sole Protesting and Taking a Break from the Three-Inch Heels.

All this prancing around in heels for book signings and other events have made my feet really, really pissed off at me. I’m in a bad position though, because I need heels, because I’m only 5’2. I may need them, but that doesn’t mean I like them. Plus, I’ll never forget my mom picking at her corns…gwah-gak-gak-gak!!

So I’m mainly a sandal gal. But “cute” and “comfy” can often be mutually exclusive propositions in my foot-bejeweling selections. Well…mostly. Right now I’m sporting Dr. Weil’s line of really stylish and comfortable shoes by Orthaheel. Here’s the scientific reason these shoes are good for your feet:

Helps reduce pronation by providing biomechanical support and stability along the three planes of motion. Pronation can result from poor foot alignment along the three cardinal planes of motion: frontal, sagittal and transverse. Orthaheel’s Tri-Planar Motion Control system provides biomechanically designed support and stability to help regain dynamic foot function.

In English, that means that each show is designed to support your feet, keep them from hurting so much, and stave off corns. Because corn belongs in tortillas–not your feet.

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