I’m Taking a Hard Line. Either You Are With Us, Or You Are Against Us.


I recently heard news that an organization called Color of Change is holding Bravo’s feet to the fire for it’s negative depiction of black women on their parade of degradating show line up full of black women willing to scratch each other’s eyeballs out to get a steady paycheck. Official statement from Ariana Hatch, Managing Director of Campaigns at ColorOfChange.org:

“Violence involving Black cast members has become a reliable ratings boost for Bravo. Prior to last season’s reunion show altercation, major brawls on shows like The New Atlanta and Married to Medicine were aired with much fanfare, hyped up as must-see television events.

“Bravo is not at the mercy of the behavior of the casts of its shows. Reality TV producers routinely utilize staged, hostile environments and specific editing strategies to conjure the story they wish to tell. We demand Bravo and Andy Cohen turn away from these stereotypical narratives, and stop profiting from violence involving Black people.

“Judging by recent reports of yet another massive brawl during taping for the upcoming season of Bravo’s Blood, Sweat, and Heels, it seems there’s no end in sight for Bravo’s reliance on dangerous stereotypes. During that fight, between Black castmates Geneva Thomas and Melyssa Ford, a bottle was reportedly smashed over Ford’s head, sending her to the hospital. Thomas has since been arrested. Under no circumstances should Bravo air this or any other fights involving Black people.

“Stereotypical portrayals of Black people — as angry, belligerent, and violent — are dangerous, shaping negative perceptions in the minds of viewers that, when acted upon, can mean real life harm for Black communities; discriminatory hiring practices, less attention from doctors, and harsher treatment by law enforcement, just to name a few. Bravo and Andy Cohen must move beyond these harmful, one-dimensional portrayals.”

Here’s my stance. If you watch any of these shows–Real Housewives of Atlanta, Blood Sweat and Heels, Married to Medicine, etc, etc then you really aren’t for the advancement and augmentation of black women. And if you are a black woman, you are contributing to your own dehumanization every time you tune in to these programs because your viewership and commentary over the water cooler fattens the bottom line of people who really don’t give a shit about you. It’s also time to take to task media outlets like Madame Noire, which was supposed to be a site for “upwardly mobile and savvy black women” for their play-by-play click bait stories on these shows, thus using the platforms ostensibly for the betterment of black women as vehicles for Bravo’s propaganda.

Watching these shows is no different from giving your money to gangster rappers who build their careers GLOBALLY on calling you a bitch, hoe, THOT, trick, etc, etc. You are giving your enemies the nails and hammers to build your casket every time you lend your time, attention and money to them. Find something else to do. Start a hobby. Plant a garden. Read a book. Anything!

You are NOT supporting a black woman’s hustle by tuning in each week, are you? Because these very women have absolutely NO PROBLEM shucking and jiving, manufacturing drama and fist fights that they KNOW positions black women in a negative light, but do it ANYWAY, because they don’t give a SHIT about you.

Me personally? I have never watched these shows. The women portrayed (based on clips and snippets I see) are not the type of women I would want in my circle of sisterhood. These are the high-school bully-type queen bees whom I detested, so not watching was never a challenge for me.

And before you get defensive and try to justify why you’re still watching this mess, don’t bother. You know and I know what I’m saying is the truth.

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