IMPORTANT: Anti-Defamation Project Update and Tips for Online Security from NCIS

There’s some very exciting things happening with the anti-defamation project I, Sophia Angeli Nelson and Asia Simone have been working on, and there are LOTS of news coming down the pike that will no doubt please and delight you. We aim to account for EVERY cent, and to date, NO MONEY from the Go Fund Me campaign has been withdrawn until we have a clear plan in place to account for your support.

Directives from the NCIS

Personal Security:

  • Remove home address and phone number on personal checks and business cards.
  • Consider using a P.O. box service to receive all personal mail.
  • Minimize Internet footprint by making social media pages private, and limit sharing of personal information online, including photos.
  • Do not name your personal computing devices, routers, or Internet connections with names associated with you, your family, or your address.
  • Create a personal email address to use only for family and close friends. Do not open emails or attachments from unknown individuals, or click on links from unknown individuals.
  • Change your online account passwords regularly and use security questions that cannot be easily guessed.
  • Install and regularly update rewalls and antivirus programs on your personal computing devices.
  • Set your cellphone to automatically lock when you are not using it.
  • Do not write/send emails or texts in areas where casual observers can view your correspondence.
  • Never use public networks to pass private/ personal information.
  • Consider placing real property in a trust and list utilities under the name of the trust.
  • Finely shred or destroy discarded mail.




Security Recommendations


Local NCIS Of ce

Text “NCIS” + your tip info to CRIMES (274637)

“Tip Submit” Android and iPhone App (select NCIS as agency)

NCIS Hotline 1.877.579.3648

Web, text, and smartphone reporting is anonymous.

To learn how to submit a tip via the NCIS Text, Web,and Smartphone App Tip Line, scan the QR code with your smartphone or visit

If you cannot report to NCIS, notify your security of cer, supervisor, or command. Per DoDD 5240.06, they are required to notify NCIS within 72 hours.

NCIS may pay rewards up to $5,000 for information leading to a felony arrest or the prevention of certain felony crimes.

This handout provides simple security tips that U.S. military members and their families can use to stay safe.


Residence Security:

  • Identify individuals before opening doors.
  • Install a porch light at a height that woulddiscourage removal.
  • Install dead bolts on all outside doors.
  • Keep garage doors and fuse boxes locked at all times.
  • Install a loud exterior alarm bell that can be manually activated from more than one location.
  • Keep all rearms out of reach of children.
  • Run a security check on all householdstaff prior to employment.
  • Require identi cation of all repairmen and salesmen prior to permitting entry.
  • Prepare an evacuation plan and brief household members on procedures.
  • Consider getting a family dog as a deterrent to trespassers.
  • Remove all signs on your residence with your name (e.g., mailboxes, doorways) and remove your name from your voicemail greeting.
  • Do not hide a house key in an unsecured area.

PROTECT Simple tips that U.S. military members YOURSELF and their families can use to stay safe.

Of ce Security:

Vehicle Security:

Have central reception handle all calls, visitors, and mail.

Alert of ce staff to suspicious people, parcels, and packages that do not belong in the area.

Establish key and lock controls. If keys are not returned by terminated employees, change all locks.

Secure cellphones in cellphone lockers – do not leave them unattended.

Park in secured area if possible.
Remove names from reserved parking spots.

Report any unusual email or spam to your security and IT departments.

Do not accept any packages to your office that are from unknown senders.

Park vehicles in well-lit areas. Do not patronize lots where car doors must be left unlocked and keys surrendered.

Equip the gas tank with a locking cap that can only be controlled from inside the vehicle.

Visually check the front and rear passenger compartments before entering the vehicle.

Select a reliable service station for vehicle service.

Be alert for vehicles that appear to be following you. If you suspect someone is following you, do not return to your home; drive to the nearest police or re station. Sound the horn to attract attention.

Plan ahead when traveling by vehicle by knowing the locations of police stations and re departments.

Use a different schedule and route of travel each day.

Do not stop to assist stranded motorists or pick up hitchhikers.

Have your keys in hand before entering a parking garage or parking lot.

Leave suf cient room between you and another vehicle during stops to allow you to turn out of the lane if needed.


1.877.579.3648 NCIS.NAVY.MIL TEXT ‘NCIS’ + YOUR TIP INFO TO ‘CRIMES’ (274637)

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