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Interracial Daters Lead to Mass Genocide!!!

FYI: This is a repost from my mission site, I thought it was important to repost this here, because for rainbow daters, it’s good to be aware of the level of ignornace you might face. I plan to explore a bit of this in the future, but right now I’m gargling the throw-up in my mouth.


Here is my comment from this post. I guess I should really thank these people for martyring me. Anyone in their right mind can see through this.

Here’s the problem with your arguement about me and my husband (by the way, is so low a blow that I can’t even tell you) heis ancestry did not arrive in the U.S. until 1900. Should I hold him responsible anyway? Because some black women have killed their kids, because you are black, should I hold you responsible?

And another thought: Unless your date is 150 years old, I think its a little unfair to hold every white man accountable.

But thank you for doing this. In a way, you’re bolstering me, because any person in their right mind can see you’re using this as a smokescreen to deflect the issue.

So I guess I should say thank you.

But first let’s start with this little nugget:

So what would happen if the future mothers and fathers of our bloodline wholeheartedly followed this movement? Given the fact that they should not procreate until they are “emotionally, physically and financially able to care for” children, that would significantly reduce the census of this already identified minority. Suddenly I got the image of the movement handing our youth loaded guns, safety off, with the directive to “Kill yourself!”

So…the ONLY way the Black Race can survive is through illegitamacy? Wow. This is so good. Just…wow.

The first place I started was with the movement’s proprietor, Christelyn D. Karazin (see her bio here a black female journalist, self-proclaimed “baby mamma” turned wife and advocate of interracial relationships. Normally I wouldn’t touch the latter but since I see it as pertinent to this discussion I think I’ll go there. After all, any movement will be led in the direction of the captain of its ship.

Pertinent to the discussion? How is the fact that I’m married interracially have to do with me caring about, organizing, working my arse off, calling, cajoling, rallying, planning, strategizing, sweating, crying to organize an movement to at least get “us” talking about the huge out-of-wedlock epidemic? In other words, what does that have to do with the cost of tea in China? Nice try though.

So…let’s review:

  • I spend over 100 hours emailing, calling on the phone, communicating by homing pigeon to get 100+ people on board because, WHETHER THEY AGREE WITH INTERRACIAL MARRIAGE OR NOT, they recognize the problem, and want desperately to find solutions.
  • I worked with N. Maurice Williams of ACYE Media to produce a theme song. The singer, very talented and beautiful Kyndra, performed the song free. Leland Sharpe produced the track for a mere $150. Lorriance Spencer, the songwriter, spent $600 out of her own family budget to buy the rights from Brian Alexander Morgan.
  • No Wedding No Womb Theme Song! by LJpress

  • Janks Mortan produced a top quality video on You Tube. (Note, he has “issues” with interracial marriage too, but he looked past his personal feeling for the GREATER good.)
  • Lyn Twyman, of the Courage Network produced a promo video
  • No Wedding, No Womb Launch Campaign PSA – September 22, 2010 from Courage Network on Vimeo.

  • I got talented poetess, Desiree Johnson to perform a wonderful NWNW poem. (BTW, she happens to be a single mom of not one, but TWO out-of-wedlock children.
  • I have a book in contract negotiation, true. But guess what? It’s not due for another year! Ask your friends in publishing if this is standard motus operandi for shameless promotion.

And just for good measure, let’s review:

“So, because I’m married interracially, I’m not black anymore?”

Then lastly,

One day I asked her, “Do you entertain guests in a dirty house?” Of course she stated she would not to which I replied that as black people we have too much house cleaning to do before we can entertain guests, a reference to the psychological, emotional and financial healing of the community.

So…the millions of black women married interracially should have just waitedandwaitedandwaitedandwaitedandwaitedandwaitedandwaited until the black collective got their stuff right? Why should you care if they might have grown miserable, disallusioned and lonely? After all, YOU got yours, right?

More about the author of the post (who by the way did me the BIGGEST favor, thankyouverymuch)

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