Intrigue ‘Swirling’ Around FOX’s New Nail-Biter, “Sleepy Hollow”


Nicole Beharie (“My Last Day Without You”) and Tom Mison look good together while they fight against a foe as old as America in FOX’s version of Sleepy Hollow. Mison plays Ichabod Crane, resurrected in 2013 after being put on ice in 1781. A spell brings him back to the Hollow to fight against the malevolent, Headless Horseman, who has also raised himself up so he can once again be reunited with his head. We can probably count on this show to stick around for a while because it’s opened to rave reviews. Even I, who usually has one eye on the computer and the television on for background noise and the other eye watching The Babster streak almost naked, save for Dora Panties, was rivoted. I love a good horror story and this show delivers on the goods. There’s the Headless Horsman, who’s dumped his buckshot for exploding shotguns and scary-looking swords that readily remove about three of four heads within the first 10 minutes. Then there’s witches. Lots of them. Add a dash of  Biblical lore of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and may may have a genuine hit on our hands.


Just just love how “Ichabod” talks. But did you hear that reference about “Abbie” being emancipated? Cue the “Another bedwench literally sleeping with the slave master!!”  by the rabid and fire-breathing GAT-DL if they ever get together.  As if the riveting storyline and hot lead guy and girl weren’t enough, I’m really REALLY excited that yet another black woman has a lead role in primetime. Yep; I’m liking that most of all.


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