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Nichelle Gregory, author of  “Soul Sweet” is back with another  IRR Romance offering where “pleasure is just a phone call away”.

Coloring Characters?

Creating believable, relatable characters is a delightful challenge that I’ve always enjoyed. I think the truly magical part of reading is how we as readers create mental pictures in our mind regarding details of the story given to us by an author. Chances are if you asked two readers of the same book to pick out a real life look –a-like, they would pick two different people. Readers can read the same words but interpretation varies because of our imagination!

As an author, when it comes to describing characters, I strive to give enough details to help my readers picture the traits that make up my hero or heroine without being distracting. I want you to know the race of my characters but after I’ve somehow subtly woven in the particulars, I don’t tend to keep reminding the reader.

I know such details are necessary, but once given, I move on. Unless…Racial reminders intensify the scene in a needed way or add to the sexual tension between my characters, like with Peyton and Michael in Talk Sexy. In fact, this is the first book where I used phrases like ‘white boy’ and ‘black woman’. I felt the story required use of certain words in order to (hopefully) evoke a response from the reader as my character reacted to what was said.

For me as a reader, overstating physical traits detracts from the tale. I want to be immersed in the experience of what I’m reading. I don’t need the author to constantly remind me of the physicality of the characters I’m reading about because I want to draw my own mental pictures where they are concerned.

Ultimately, I want my readers to be emotionally connected to my characters and engaged by their personalities to the point that they must read on to find out what happens as they embark on the journey their hearts take. That’s my goal as an author and the reason I delight in writing sexy books that celebrate diversity by exploring the emotional heartfelt commonalities all of us can relate to when it comes to lust and love.

Nichelle Gregory


About Talk Sexy: Part one:

This is book one in the Talk Sexy serial, see the full serial listing here


Peyton enjoys role-playing many of her private kinky erotic fantasies as a phone sex operator…she never dreamed they’d come true with one very sexy caller!

Peyton decides to become a phone sex operator on a whim, but soon discovers she has a flair for sexy gab! For the first time in her life, Peyton indulges her latent yearnings, enjoying the sexual freedom to safely explore her private kinky desires as part of her role to create the ultimate erotic fantasies for her callers, but the more she talks the more she craves. No one knows about her new job…not even her boyfriend who has made it clear he’d like to take things to the next level. Peyton isn’t sure that’s what she wants, especially when it seems one demanding caller seems to know exactly what she needs…




“Is this Pepper?”

The male voice was rich, layered with a mixture of warmth and charm, totally unfamiliar to Peyton. She adjusted her pillows again and lay back, ready to find out what this caller needed to get off.

“This is Pepper. Who am I speaking to?”


No hesitation. Peyton liked that.

“Good evening, Michael.”

“Good evening, Pepper.”

The amused tone to Michael’s voice made her grin. She glanced at her clock on the nightstand, aware of the seconds ticking away. It always amazed her how fast or slow the fifteen minutes went by on a given call.

“Michael, I like a little heat to spice things up…do you?”

The throaty chuckle that caressed her ears sent a tiny shiver through her. This guy obviously wanted to string things along and Peyton was content to do the same. When his allotted time was up, he’d either have to pay for more minutes with her or hang up frustrated. It truly was the easiest, most interesting job she’d ever had and it paid damn well.

“I do, indeed. I also like the sound of your voice.”

Peyton smiled, pleased. “Why don’t you tell what else you like?”

“I like pepper. It heightens the flavor on so many things.” “It does. Heightened flavors…mmmm.” Peyton turned her head and watched the flickering flame dance on the wall behind the aromatic candle on her dresser. “You’re making me hungry, Michael.”

“What are you hungry for?”

Peyton closed her eyes. “Mmm…”

Michael had to have one of the sexiest voices she’d heard on the line. The deep timbre of it floated into her ear and warmed her. He had a way of speaking so every syllable was smoothly enunciated. There was no rushed edge to his words. Peyton could tell he was as relaxed as she was, which meant his cock was not yet in hand. She was beginning to think he just wanted to talk. It was amazing how many men were willing to pay for a woman to simply listen.

At least he isn’t boring.  

“Pleasure.” Peyton took another sip of wine as Michael chuckled. “I know you crave the same. I want to give you pleasure.”

“And what if I told you the only way you could do that is to allow me to give you pleasure?”

Peyton frowned and opened her eyes. This is different. She’d never taken a call where the caller wanted to please her, though there were those men who assumed she was reaching a climax lightning fast like they were and she let them believe in the fantasy.

“You want to give me pleasure?” Peyton toyed with the silky tie of her teal nightie. She twirled it around her finger as she looked at the clock.

Six minutes left.

“Yes. I want you to come for me. I want to hear the sound of you coming undone.”

Peyton stilled, taken aback by Michael’s request. Her heart skipped a beat and a rush of heat swirled over her, centering between her legs. She was momentarily at a loss for words. An occupational hazard that rarely happened.



About Nichelle Gregory:


Nichelle Gregory

Nichelle Gregory has been in love with books and writing since middle school. A lover of the arts, she enjoys anything that embraces the creative nature within us all. Bringing believable characters to life that thrill and excite her readers is a challenge that continues to push Nichelle. She loves creating stories involving super sexy alpha heroes with divine heroines in magical, exotic and fantastic scenarios. So, go on…indulge your secret fetishes and desires!


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