IRR Romance Review: Hurricane by Taige Crenshaw


My review of Taige Crenshaw’s “Hurricane” (The Singleton) – By Yema Nelson

First thing’s first.  This IS A MUST READ!!!

This is the kind of book that will not only tug at your heart strings, but will also have you saying, “Yep, I’ve been there!”

“Hurricane” is a story about a no-nonsense, emotionally-scarred widow, Julianne Locke, who has separated herself from all things love, trust, romance and fun.  After enduring life-changing heartache, she focuses her time and energy on her work, “Moments” Event Planning, with only one exception – her love and devotion to her daughter.

Her wall of security comes crashing down suddenly when she is slightly injured in a suspicious fire and comes face to face with Keegan Callaghan a former cop-turned –fire-investigator. The very flames he is determined to investigate, lead to the flames of tug-of-war between Keegan and Julianne as he is determined to crash through the fire-wall of her heart.

This is the type of book that real people can relate to. Ms. Crenshaw smoothly takes the reader into an upscale and sophisticated tale of a self-made woman who goes through the bumps and bruises and the heart-ache of pain and loss with the love and support of her “uber large and close-knit extended family.

Many REAL women can relate to this type of life event – both jarring, yet realistically written story. This in my opinion is what I look for in writers – the ability to make me “transport” to the scenes of interaction between the characters especially the love interests. When I find myself laughing, crying or anxious for the main characters, it becomes what I call “A helluva book!”

Being able to empathize with the characters is VERY IMPORTANT to me for any book that I read and potentially review. I for one have acquaintances that have gone through similar ordeals as Julianne, resulting in a reluctance to open their hearts, let alone trust themselves to love again. Taige Crenshaw really gives the reader the right amount of emotion in systematic and staggering detail, enough to illicit the tear-jerking reaction that prompts the reader to not only empathize with Julianne, but also want to root for her to “give love and the hope for happiness” another try. And so, Ms. Crenshaw masterfully reels the reader in to want to find out more and read on, in effect leaving “sweet breadcrumbs” for the readers to continue to follow and eagerly ingest in the quest for the hidden gem which is the explosive passion, resistance and flames of attraction between Julianne and Keegan.

I particularly admired the way Ms. Crenshaw gave us a good taste of what a real man who has found a real woman – HIS WOMAN –does to get her AT ANY COST! Keegan is the EPITOME of Sexy, Confident, Intelligent, and Patient. And boy does his patience get tested! The game of “Pursuit” has a Master and his name is Keegan. The chemistry between these two is amazing and the way that they come together through the support of each, stepping out on faith and baring their hearts and pain plainly is one of those “feel good moments” you love when you sit by the fire reading this book with a glass of your favorite wine (in my case Chateau St. Michelle Chardonnay!).

Speaking of sitting by a fire, Ms. Crenshaw does not disappoint when it comes to the sizzling sex scenes and the loving-making dynamic between Keegan and Julianne. One thing that really resonated with me was the acceptance of Julianne that Keegan was her true mirror. That she needed to give herself completely to him, fear, baggage and all. Keegan demonstrates that he is indeed not just an Alpha Male, but a demanding and commanding “Fire Marshall Bill” between the sheets with his tempting mate, Julianne!

This book will warm you from the inside out and will down right set you ablaze with the love-making and sexual chemistry between Keegan and Julianne.

In other words, go to the store, get your favorite bottle of whatever, turn off the cell phone and oh, you might need a pillow between your knees for this one! Because Taige Crenshaw’s “Hurricane” is a definite “CATEGORY 5” winner!

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