Dating & Marrying Ethnic Men

Is Anyone Else Tired Of All The IR Lectures Directed At Black Women?

I did my regular facebook check and I stumbled across this gem

It isn’t that my friend isn’t smart, beautiful, funny, charming, and a great cook. She’s all those things and a bag of sea salt-flavored chips. What man, regardless of race, wouldn’t find her attractive? But I felt my friend was overlooking a big issue that would be the difference between date night disaster and romantic success.

“Have you ever had a white female friend?” I asked

So now a black woman should have a white female friend before she dates white men? Excuse me while I yawn. To be fair, the motive behind the suggestion was pure. Her friend had a silly angst against white women but lo and behold wants “their brother.” But let’s flip the script a little bit.I Here goes:

Trisha: I met this really cool white girl who I’m going to start hangin with.

Paulette: Have you ever dated a white guy?

Trisha: Hell no. I aint down with the Swirl!

Paulette: Then you can’t have a white female friend.

I doubt very seriously if we would hear that type of “correction” as it isn’t prudent or necessary. Then again, neither is the former. If a black woman wants to date a white guy, it’s good if she has white female friends and it’s also good if she doesn’t.  In other words, it makes absolutely no difference. Yes, she should get over her bias against white women but who is to say that her dating a white man won’t be the catalyst for change? He might have a cool sister or mother that she might click with.

I rarely if ever see these lectures directed at black men, white women, Asian women, or anyone else. It’s time to leave black women alone.

Black woman, you are free to “be” just like everyone else!

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