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John Edwards Groupies Are Acting a FOOL at His Trial

No, this is not a post where I admonish black women for dating thugs. This is a post where I admonish ALL women, all over the world, to leave ‘bad boys’ alone. There is a small contingent of women who seem to enjoy throwing their ‘goodies’ at damaged and dangerous men. Just look at the murderers throughout history who still managed to build a fan club of lonely women; there’s even a name for these women–Serial Killer Groupies, or SKG’s.

While I’m not going to throw former Senator and hopeful contender for the Democratic presidential nomination in with the murderers and the thieves, I will say that the women who are making googly eyes at Edwards while he’s on trial for 6 felonies are just as brain-damaged as the women who lusted after all the other would-be criminals who came before him:

Prosecutors say Edwards masterminded a plan to use money from two wealthy donors to hide his pregnant mistress as he sought the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination. Edwards has denied knowing about the money, but his lawyers have argued that even if he did, it was a gift from friends, not a campaign contribution intended to influence the outcome of an election.

Edwards is charged with six felony counts related to illegal campaign contributions. He faces a maximum sentence of up to 30 years in prison…

According to reports, last week four jury alternates on the Edwards trial wore bright yellow shirts. Odd. Yellow is not exactly a popular color for shirts. When the same four alternate jurors–all women–wore fire-engine red shirts the next day, as did two of the female jurors actually deliberating the case, alarm bells started to go off in the mind of the judge.

Yep, these ladies were actually in cahoots to catch the eye of Edwards while the man is facing 30 years in prison. A former federal prosecutor who has been attending the trial said he had never seen a jury to openly flirtatious with a defendant before.

Oh, and I did I mention that this the same John Edwards who cheated on his cancer-stricken wife with a woman on his staff? A woman whom he eventually impregnated; the same woman that he allegedly used campaign money from wealthy donors to try to hide while he was running for office?

Any women who finds herself chasing behind a man with a good chance of ending up in prison has too much time on her hands. Or maybe these women are actually fashionistas: they think their cute yellow and red shirts will match the orange jumpsuit that Edwards will be sporting if winds up in prison.

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