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What Just Happened to Maria Kang is the Reason I Quit Talking About Black Women and Fitness.


Infamously known as the mommy of three who had the nerve to ask America, “What’s your excuse?” offended enough fat-acceptance folks to get her banned from Facebook in which Jezebel gleefully reported. Granted, Kang seems to have went over the line this time when she scoffed at overweight lingerie models, writing that she was annoyed about news stories about how overweight, nearly obese women should be proud of their bodies.”

Okay, granted, if you look at the models she’s referring to in the Curvy Girl Lingerie ads, it seems at first kind of a dick move, because [some] these women look volumptuous, not rolly-polly-olly. Plus if you go to the actual site, they start their sizes at 12, which is hardly lumpy-dumpy unless you’re four feet tall.


What I *think* kang might have been referring to is the women (not models) who submitted selfies for Curvy Girl, and looked like this…


Anybody with half a brain can see a CLEAR DIFFERENCE between these two women. The differences are so obvious I won’t even enumerate them. You have eyes.

Fat acceptance people make it tremendously difficult for us to even HAVE A CONVERSATION about obesity, which is a real problem. It’s especially a problem in the black community, where the vast majority of African American women are obese. And please don’t tell me that just how we’re made–just look to Africa. African women have some of the bangin’-est hourglass figures I have even seen…like…ever. We have so many people in and out of the community saying “you go girl” to women who are 50,100, 200 pounds overweight, and then have the nerve to shame thinner black women. Some openly sabotage efforts of their peers to get their weight under control. AND ANOTHER THING!! Jezebel is notorious for saying “you go girl” to the most self-sabotaging stuff, like obesity and having out-of-wedlock kids, while all the while THEY are thin and/or fit and live in nice neighborhoods with their wealthy husbands and 2.5 kids.

Kang is the victim of “gotcha journalism,” in which a person with an unpopular opinion is held under a microscope that if they say anything at all that can be misconstrued and made to be evil so that person’s credibility is destroyed. And that’s why I have stopped major efforts to have the discussion about black women and obesity, especially as it relates to their romantic opportunities and dating interracially.

I’ve accepted that you simply can not have any reasonable discussion about weight unless what you say always make everyone feel good, even if you’re lying through your teeth.

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