Last-Minute Halloween Costume Crafts

Written By Saran Lawson

Some people celebrated Halloween a tad early this year. Given that the holiday falls on a Thursday, some festivities have already commenced. Costume choosing can take several months. I have been thinking about my own costume since August. I’ve also changed my mind several times since then. I always pressure myself to come up with the best most clever costume every year. I see other costumes and I seriously wonder how they even came up with their ideas. Then there are the classic costumes that always do well. Especially, when you have time to execute it with the right accessories. This year, I brought pieces to make a costume. I challenged myself to get everything I needed for the costume (shoes and accessories included) for under $50. I’m currently totaling out at $30 and I’m only two accessories shy of completion. I will probably end up at about $45 dollars for the entire thing. The original costume that I wanted was about $55 without the accessories and included shipping. Historically, I have always ended up with a basic costume or something that could have been great had I had the time. Except for last year. I was french toast last year, and it was super cute. The best part is, I had all of the items I needed right in my house! I didn’t buy a single thing. A nice costume can get pricey and I wanted the fun of a costume without the price tag. So, I’ve come up with last-minute costume crafts for that Halloween event you have coming up. So without further ado,  my Last Minute Halloween Costume Craft Playlist: 

Last Call – (Pre TMZ Kanye)

(if your costume requires animal makeup or ears)

I’m sure you have basic makeup items in your kit. If you don’t Dollar Tree and your local Beauty Supply store sells some items for a fraction of the price of Sephora. Or even sometimes less than Target or Walmart. If you have an eyeliner pencil or even matte lipsticks and basic art skills you can create animal faces. I found a super easy tutorial on youtube (minus the actual makeup part that you really don’t need) on making bear and cat faces.

This YouTuber even includes hairstyles to make cat and bear ears. If your art skills end at drawing a few lines and dots to make an animal face then, Hot Topic, Walmart and Target all have cat-ear headbands. 

Vicar In A Tutu- The Smiths

(If your costume requires a tutu or a bustle)

You can create a tutu pretty inexpensively without even having to sew. If you visit your local craft store (Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or even Walmart) you can get all the supplies you will need. This tutorial on youtube requires an elastic waistband and a roll of tulle:

Here is a tutorial that only uses tulle to create a tutu:

And if a bustle is what you need then this cheater bustle is by far the easiest thing to make. The great thing about it is you most likely have everything you need right at home. It requires a bag with an adjustable strap and something to stuff inside to make it fluff it up. You can find the super easy tutorial here:

Wrap it Up – The Fabulous Thunderbirds

(In conclusion)

Halloween is a fun time, but you shouldn’t have to go broke trying to make it work. Halloween costumes don’t have to be expensive. Craft stores, overstock stores like TJ Maxx, Beauty Supply Stores and superstores can help you create some of your best looks. I hope you can find some of these ideas useful. Have you already gotten your costume? Tell us about it in the comment section. We would love to hear your fun Halloween stories.  


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