Latest News of NYPD Brutality PROVES You Can’t Be “Neutral” When it Comes to Police Abuse

I think I might have been a lone voice in the wilderness in my blog space when I reported and expressed my outrage over the tragic and unnecessary death of Eric Garner, 43, who who was killed by the NYPD as the result of a chokehold. The medical examiners ruled it a homicide.

While other bloggers used this as an opportunity to express their understandable exhaustion about fighting for the causes of black men who don’t, as a collective, reciprocate that support, I felt that THIS particular instance was a poor example. I stated that everyone, regardless of race or gender is vulnerable to police brutality–black people, in my opinion, being the most vulnerable.

So now the brutality and apparent ineptness of the NYPD has happened again. This time, not to a black man, but a black woman, who was dragged out of her apartment naked, put into a chokehold, passed out and laid naked and unconscious for two minutes before a female officer had enough pity to recognize this woman’s right to dignity and cover her. Further, the NYPD falsified information that a 12-year-old had “visible signs of abuse,” which was later dismissed by social services. And if that weren’t bad enough, a four-year-old BABY was pepper sprayed, and the 12-year-old child that was allegedly “abused” was arrested for assaulting a police officer. In fact, pretty much everyone in the house was charged with assaulting the police, but I’m guessing they were pretty pissed off at seeing their mother and grandmother dragged naked and man-handled to the point of passing out. They might have even thought she was dead. Huh. I guess family members aren’t supposed to have any feelings about seeing their loved ones being brutalized.

After all that, guess what? THE POLICE WENT TO THE WRONG HOUSE. Yes. These people were completely innocent. INNOCENT. They. Did. Nothing. Still want to remain “neutral?” Read the full story for yourself here.

And that’s why I didn’t co-sign the piece For Harriet wrote, “Why I will Not March for Eric Garner.” Believe me, I understand where the author’s feeling is coming from. I understand, and I agree for the most part. But…with issues related to police brutality and abuse of power, the real enemy doesn’t lie in white vs. black. It’s white, black, yellow, red vs. BLUE. Everyone is vulnerable to police abuse.  I’m all for BWE, but this isn’t an issue black women can afford to be “neutral” about. Wait till it’s you, or someone you love and see how “neutral” you are.


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