Let’s Talk Movies 3


By Capt. Smooth

Tyler Perry

The good, the bad and the ugly

I noticed one of Tyler Perry’s films  was recently released. “Peeples” with Kerry Washington. So, is Tyler putting out quality work or has he spread himself too thin? Does his name above the title make you want to see the film or make you refuse to see it?  As with the first movie blog, this is just the kick off point!  Once again I appreciate your input so let’s do it again!

You know the score! Same rules as before!

(This may be a tad difficult given the subject of the article)


1. This a politics free zone! There are plenty of other places at BBW to argue over that.

2. We should also keep the criticism pertaining to the films and not the commenters that endorse them.

3. We need spoiler alerts. Try not to give away endings. The best way to describe a film is by using a link to the trailer on YouTube or the entry on IMDB.com.

4. Don’t disparage a film because you don’t like the Director or lead actors politics! Seperate the actors and directors work from their private lives.




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