Man Candy Monday: Men in Uniform to Service You

I know, I know, I know. You wanted a Man Candy bag filled to the brim with MEN IN UNIFORM, and after much toiling and investigating I’m pleased to announce that I’ve found a piece of candy to solve most of your everyday needs. So without further hesitation, I give you, MAN CANDY MONDAY: AT YOUR SERVICE!!


spanish legion

I understand that one should behave themselves when traveling abroad, who hasn’t seen the movie Brokedown Palace? I’m usually a law abiding citizen but if this is what the Spanish police looks like then I may have to break a window or run a red light and hope for the best as I get patted down and taken, into custody, that is.

Where there is smoke there is fire and the men of the fire department are here to cool you down when you get hot like fire.


And did I mention these are all actual pictures of service men in uniform? Yeah, no strange photo shoot here. These men are the real deal, ladies.



I think he looks like a sexy Robocop and I think I like it.

Our military men are always here to serve and defend our boarders and look sexy while doing so.


Can you swim? I can’t, so I’ll be first in line for a little mouth to mouth. *pops mint and lays down in the sand*

The men of the Navy Seals are tested to the max for endurance and stamina. They aren’t in uniform but then again they are.


Berets are sexy. Now you know.


Open call for lifeguards. Why else would this many sexy life guards be standing still being gorgeous, eh?

Sanitation WorkerLet’s not forget the sexy sanitation workers. They make the world a less stinky and garbage filled place. His name is Marc, by the way. He’s from NYC.


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