Married Couples Abuse Kids Too: Wife Tortures Teen Family Member Receives 31 Years in Prison

I get a certain type of hot under the collar when I read about child abuse. Having been raised in foster care, I recall many nights of being woken from my sleep by my mother, she would have received an emergency call from D.Y.F.S. (child services in NJ) and would need help preparing to receive a child that had been suddenly removed from their homes.

Often times, these removals were due to a family house fire, where children would be placed in the middle of the night until more stable housing could be located for the entire family to re-unite. Though other times, the children who came to our home would be accompanied by broken arms, burn marks across their body, and the anxiety that comes from being beaten and whipped by those who are supposed to love and care for you. I find this story particularly disgusting and hope the courts throw every available book at these two pieces of rancid humans.

Often Jordan was stripped naked and kept in a dog house for two or three days with no food or water or thrown into the cellar with his hands, legs, eyes and mouth duct taped for days.

His penis was beaten with a baseball bat and he was given only water and a pill which caused him to fall unconscious.

It was during the last session that his sister-in-law and brother left the house to get food while he was hanging from the rafters in the cellar.

He managed to removed the duct tape from his mouth and chew away the tape that bound his hands together.

He then rammed down the cellar door and fled onto the streets where he remained until he was found at the bus stop in Bremerton – in need of medical help.

Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office deputies took over the investigation after the numerous wounds on the boy’s head, face, chest, abdomen, back, arms, legs, hands and feet were noticed.

Mental illness, sociopathy, pure evil, I don’t know what to call this and it really doesn’t matter at this point. People willing to torture and maim other humans is not a new occurrence, but with social media we’re now informed more often of these types of situations.

But I rack my brain to figure out why the neighbors who heard screams coming from their house never called the cops.

Neighbors reported hearing crying coming from the home but believed the sobs to belong to a younger child.

His sister-in-law and her husband would duct tape the boy’s arms and legs to a chair and then cover his eyes and mouth to prevent him from screaming.

They would then beat his head and body with a baseball bat until he lost consciousness.

Viviana and Brandon Gunn would duct tape Jordan’s hands over his head to a vertical bar and then hang him from a wooden rafter where he was beaten with a metal bar and where the evil couple would then heat a knife with a lighter and cut him.

The couple would then get further kicks from their cowardly attacks on the boy by spraying alcohol onto his wounds.

Sometimes, the teen’s 27-year-old brother would produce a staple gun and ram staples into his right hand – after which he would strike his teenage brother’s feet with a hammer.

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