Maxi Me Is Awesome, and Here’s the Proof!

My oldest kiddo, aka “Maxi Me” just finished a major project for her high school French class. Maxi is an artist and wants to enter the fashion industry and go to the ridiculously expensive, New School. I told her go for it, but I’m not paying unless you minor in a skill that you can get an actual job with. It’s so amazing to see how this little girl of mine, now 16, has become so incredibly talented at this, and since I pay the bills around here, I’m going to brag on her and put her stuff on blast!

That lithe, brown hand you see is Maxi, and the voice over is her bestie. It was a team project where they had to describe a fictitious trip to a French-speaking country. They worked their butts off on this, and it shows. If this is any indication of what these girls are capable of, then world, watch out!

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