Dating & Marrying Ethnic Men

Me and You against the World: How Chibi and David Work to Make it Work

By Chibi Sayuri

Hmm, it’s amazing how far David and I have come and even more amazing how much we fought the world and society to tell them that OUR union and OUR existence will continue whether they like it or not. It’s funny to see how the world and society always try to display acceptance, or better yet tolerance, but in reality there are constant objections and uproars about things that aren’t “the norm”. Our constant battle for equality will probably never end because we exhibit the very essence of different– or better yet– UNIQUE. Every day is a constant battle from men that are DBRs, family, and just people who are not mentally capable of even THINKING of two races intertwining to create something marvelous and beautiful. I can’t even begin to express my disappointment in my own community with the double standards and verbal bashing for MY CHOICE in a life partner and for MY CHOICE of a soul mate, future husband, and father of my kids. I have been called “a sellout”, “white man’s whore” (which I’m still trying to grasp because it’s quite clear that David is definitely not white…but then again what can you expect from an ignorant DBR man), and ugh just all kinds of mess from the men in my community. The irony from these men is mind blowing these are SOME of the men who are locked up, slang dope, don’t have an education, won’t marry, man the list can go on and on, and yet they are so quick to throw their OPINION out as if I asked their asses for their “unable to calculate the square-root of 122” mentality behinds. Ugh, it is behind me to even try to speak sense into people who think they can never do a wrong and for men who think their penis is God’s gift for every race of women smh the arrogance really kills me and even cracks me up a little bit inside.

David and I have gone through so much together and are still going strong because we know who were are as individuals, we know that love has no boundaries, and we know how to appreciate each other’s very existence. Many of our friends in the Asian male/Black female community know that David and I were once a long distance couple and recently transitioned into living together. We know how it feels to want to hug, to kiss, and to be intimate with each other but can’t because of distance, and just the fact that we are able to wake up and see the other’s face every morning we appreciate each other’s time more than the average couple. We can honestly say that we love each other through everything and that we love each other with everything in us (despite the occasional tug-of-war with family because of our “choices”). Our love shows through our pictures, our videos, and just our intense stares at each other. We live and breathe for each other’s happiness and the fact that we know what we want out of life and what we want out of our relationship we definitely work to make it work. Our life is definitely a fairytale and we couldn’t ask for more.

“Always know when to choose you battles in life, every battle isn’t worth the fight”- David Vang

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