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Media Watch: How the Wholesale Attack on Michelle Obama Affects Us

The portrayal of the first lady of the United States as an angry black woman despite ALL EVIDENCE TO THE CONTRARY is pissing me off. Yesterday, an unauthorized biography, “The Obamas,” dominated the news of the day and has forced Mrs. Obama to run interference in an emergency interview with Gayle King and defend herself gracefully because this is an election year and a certain segment of the Republican party is hell-bent on stuffing her into a stereotype. You know what’s ratchet about all this? It’s old, wrinkly white dudes picking a fight with a girl! Why do they feel like attacking Michelle Obama should be included as a gambit to win the election? My memory is not the best, but I can not recall any first lady being ATTACKED for her looks, her hair, her ass, her initiatives (geez–she’s so evil! she wants to keep kids from being FAT!!), and her demeanor–which is more gracious than any of these gray-haired turds deserve.

If I’m honest, she really does look frustrated in the video, but who can blame her? She has been pummeled by the opposition ever since Barack Obama announced his plans to run for prez. And you know who’s perpetuating this bull donkey?? THE MEDIA. Polling data show that the general population has a positive impression of her, so why do the MSM seem so committed to stuff this stinking pile of cow puck down our throats? Well…

Because I know a thing or two about the media and how it works, I know EXACTLY why they keep doing it–they want to shift that positive public opinion of her to a negative one. In other words, they’re trying to influence the public to change their minds about Michelle Obama so the the negative stereotypes of black women stay firmly and securely in the American psyche.

No doubt this is bad for the rest of us who, like Mrs. Obama, remain being well-put together, lady-like and maintain grace under fire in hopes that over time, people see the truth. But fools like Rush Limbaugh continue to push the angry-black-chick meme with little to no opposition because us black women are not a protected group. Unfortunately the cavalry hasn’t come in to help us in this fight (wonder how come the National Organization of Women say about this…oh wait…CRICKETS!)

So I’m thinking it might be time to stop complaining and organize. The publicist in me thinks we should hold a public protest against these attacks. Yes; I’m dead serious. I’m not sure how to do it, so if anyone has an idea…

But you know what? With You Tube, you can protest from your bedroom, in pajamas and fuzzy bunny slippers. If enough of us flood the intertubes saying the same thing, some folks might start thinking twice about having the impression that black women are sitting ducks for target practice.

Stay tuned–mine is coming. It’s time to stop complaining and defend the best display of a graceful, intelligent and supportive black woman. If you’re with me, share this post, make your own video, and I’ll post it here on the blog and the fan page.

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