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More on Dr. Laura’s Descent into Madness: Soul Sister, JC Davies

JC reached out to me this afternoon and sent me a recent post she wrote about Dr. Laura on her own website. I decided to repost because I fully support what she says, and didn’t want you all to miss it!


Dr Laura: N. Who? N. What? N. What the f*ck?

A couple days ago a black woman, Jade, called into Dr. Laura’s show for help with her interracial relationship. It seems friends and family of her white husband were constantly bringing up the topic of race, which made her feel very uncomfortable. Her husband ignores these comments, which she says really hurts her feelings. And she has started to resent her husband as a result. But instead of focusing on the true relationship problem, her husbands lack of support, Dr. Laura claims that the woman is just to “hypersensitive.” Bullshit. She has only talked to her for 30 seconds, how would she know? She made a snap judgment without understanding any of the details.

When Dr. Laura asks for examples of racist comments Jade says that his friends are constantly bring up the topic of race saying things like: “How do you black people like doin’ this?” Or “Do black people really like doin’ that?” To which Dr. Laura emphatically responds “I don’t think that’s racist… No. No. No.” Again, maybe it is maybe it isn’t. You don’t have enough information to know. Maybe they are saying “Do black people really like eatin’ watermelon?” Or “Do black men really have big d*cks?” Would that be racist Dr. Laura? Or at the very least insensitive? Then Dr. Laura says “Don’t take things out of context… Don’t NAACP me.” The irony if which just kills me, isn’t that what you are doing Dr. Laura? You have no context to this woman’s situation.

Instead of truly listening to this woman and helping her with her problem Dr. Laura used Jade to push her own agenda. She says white people are being unfairly judged because of the double standard when it comes to race and launches into and N-word rant. There is a double standard with whites and racial topics, yes (I run into it all the time as a white woman speaking about racial issues), but what does that have to do with Jade or her problem? I would have focused on the true relationship problem, respect and communication between her and her husband. What does the N-word have to do with that? Or was Dr. Laura just short on ratings? I am white and talk about interracial relationships, but I have 20 years of interracial dating experience and have just spent the last two years researching the topic for a book and doing extensive interviews with people, aside from myself, that live interracial relationships everyday. Dr. Laura, it is not a “white” thing, it’s a being educated on the topic thing.

Also troubling is that Dr. Laura jumped to race as the problem as many do when it comes to interracial relationships. People always want to blame things on race, but in fact race really has little to do with whether or not interracial relationship works out. These relationships work if the couple is compatible and have a strong respect for each other. Period. That’s it. My advice would not be for Jade to just “get over it” or in the words of Dr. Laura if you “don’t have a sense of humor, don’t marry outside of your race.” What should she have a sense of humor about? Her husband is not supporting her and his friends are making her uncomfortable. That’s it. Either the husband needs to be more sensitive or she needs to dump his white ass and move on! I guess what makes me the most pissed off is that this woman, Jade, has a real problem and that she is reaching out for advice, which is really hard for most people and instead of really listening and helping her with her problem Dr. Laura uses Jade to put forth her own conservative agenda. Dr. Laura when it becomes more about ratings than helping people I think its time to hang up your microphone and do something else. People call relationship experts to be heard and for understanding, you offered this woman neither.

To check out this BS on You Tube below:

Let’s tell Dr. Laura that interracial relationships deserve the same respect and understanding as any other relationship! Comment on my blog or send her an email at [email protected]. Our voices will be heard!

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