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Murdoch’s Wife Does a Lucy Liu and Everyone Loves Her. But What If She Had a ‘Fro?

So Rupert Murdoch’s Lucy Liu of a wife, Wendi Deng, 42, took summoned her inner tigress yesterday and deflected an attempt by some Murdoch-hater to throw shaving cream at her 80-year-old husband during the hearing about his news corporations shenanigans. Wendi sprung into action and slugged the guy. Now it’s all, “All hail the dragoness, Wendi Murdoch!”

Some astute someone in the BB&W Crew made a very pointed observation:

The media is calling her instinctive, fierce and athletic as she jumps to defend her man from a pie thrower. I am wondering if the same verbage would be applied to an AA woman or, would it be the usual; we’re overly aggressive, ready to fight and we are she-men.

My book editor, Todd, who is black says he LOVES to Lucy Lu types, because they seem like they don’t take any shite and will cut your balls off with one tongue stroke.

Hmmm. Black women are also known to verbally casterate, but we’re just not as sexy at it.

I have a theory. Asian women will whip you senseless, but they’re sexy as hell while doing it. They don’t look or act in the media like this:

Instead, they rip your balls off while looking sexy, slim, dominant and in charge.

Thoughts? I got a whole lot of ’em, but I wanna know what YOU think first.

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