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My ANGRY RANT!! The Inevitable “Black” Lash: Avoiding Confrontations from Angry Onlookers

Wow, you're SUCH "STRONG" Black men! punching a girl.

There has been much mumblings, grumblings and warnings on various BWE blogs like What About Our Daughters and Sojourner’s Passport about how women engaged in interracial relationships should stay the hell away from places heavily populated by African Americans. The most recent example, brought to my attention by Velouroyale Luvv, was an incident in Cleveland that involved an interracial couple (black girl/white boy) both honors students, who were walking home together, and then attacked by a lynch mob of black boys who not only PUNCHED THE GIRL IN THE FACE, and after the boyfriend chivalrously tried to protect the girl, those bad ass boys beat him up so badly he had to be airlifted to a sophisticated medical facility.

I just have one question for these little boys who think they’re SO PRIVELGED as to feel ENTITLED to beating a woman of their own race because she has the AUDACITY to want to date another HONORS student and not their thuggish asses.

I’m going to be honest. I have ALWAYS worried about my personal safety when me and my husband have gone to heavily urbanized areas. My husband would often pick up my oldest daughter from Gardena, California (near where her grandparents live) after a weekend visit with her biological father, and worried like hell for the both of them until they got home.

Bigotry in interracial relationships as it is related to black women and [non] black men will gain traction as more of us explore our dating options. If they can no longer beat the dog, with they shoot the dog?

You BEST believe that in some areas, it is far safer for interracial couples to co-mingle in so-called “white neighborhoods” than black ones. But the HYPOCRISY is astounding! Let’s dare not to mention *cough* that MANY black men in Cleveland, Ohio are dating and impregnating *coughity cough cough* WHITE WOMEN? Where the hell are THOSE groups of miscreants when they see THOSE pairings, hmmm?

Here’s my last question to these guys: Do you think that threatening violence is actually going to SCARE BLACK WOMEN INTO WANTING TO DATE YOUR STUPID ARSES? Do you THINK that makes you sexy, you friggin morons?

I should have put this city on one of the WORST cities to date inter-racially last week. Congrats, Cleveland, you made the list.

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