What the Cuss?

My Madame Noire Article Brings Out Kraaazay with a “K.”

Whew. Oh my gawd me thinks we’re doomed.

When I wrote the Madame Noire article criticizing Japanese crack pot, Satoshi Kanazawa, I had NO FRICKING IDEA that me saying this guy is a douche would get comments like this:

Why even share this article on this site? I come here to be uplifted and read positive articles about beautiful black people, men and women. This seems to be something more for Bossip or Mediatakeout, who seem to love to bring us down.

Uplifted? You wanna be “uplifted” go to church as stick your head back in the sand, and renew your subscription to Essence, lady.

And then there’s the comment from Vernon:

I don’t know about this site sometimes, why even share this? For the sake of arguement? Black women are definitely the most diverse in terms of beauty. I won’t feed into the race baiting by comparing them to other races, and who cares about what some psychologist says Its about the individual.

Okay; so black women shouldn’t be concerned with their image, my brotha? We should just continue to ignore it, kinda like, when (c)rappers call black women “bitches and hoes” and we should still drop it like it’s hot on the dance floor because HEY! they’re not talking about me.

Thank the high heavens Sophia A. Nelson’s book, Black Woman, Redefined is coming out at the end of the month, it appears that some black women are so far into the Matrix that what’s up is down and what’s down is up.

But gosh-golly, this one is my favorite. And SURPRISE! It’s from another “brotha” named Dave:

Its them black men, again.
If black men like Satoshi Kanazawa would stop reporting this b.s and writing these articles and stop going on ABC with all this garbage.

Oh wait. Sorry about that.

Thank goodness we have Josepha Cha, a 19-year-old Korean and one of your Facebook friends who runs a group called “Asian Men Black Women Unite” to validate black women. Otherwise we would only have nincompoop athletes and rap artist to provide quotes that make reporting garbage like this your job.

Seeing all through you Christine. Keep reporting, please.
Soon others will too.

Why are these men ANGRY and spitting fire at me instead of Dr. Kanazawa? Guess it’s easier to pick on the girl, huh dudes?

Oooga Boooga! Yes, “my agenda” to tell black women they don’t have to be kicked in the neck by everyone will soon be exposed.






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